Gold — which has been falling falling precipitously — has gone into a death cross, according to FT.



Technical analysts believe that when this happens it means that the price has totally broken down, and that the trap floor has opened up.

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Remember, gold has been falling for essentially two reasons.
Real interest rates are on the rise, as the crisis ends. Historically, gold outperforms when real interest rates are falling or extremely low. The normalization is not helpful to gold.
Volatility is on the decline. Gold does well when people are fearful. Again, too, the fading of crises around the world is a gold killer.

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Gold has been falling, and as we just mentioned, it’s about to enter a “death cross”, which is a technical analysis term that means it’s fallen hard, and people think it will fall more.

But while diagonal lines on a chart are fun, there are fundamental reasons why gold is declining.

It basically comes down to two things, that can be be expressed clearly in chart form.

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Gold Dives Again In Just The Last Few Minutes! We’ve been all over the gold wreckage this morning.

We mentioned that according to technical analysts, gold has entered a “death cross.”

And we explained the fundamental reasons gold was declining.

And now here’s just a chart of gold falling more in just the last few minutes.

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Long-term chart shows how far gold could fall

From Kimble Charting Solutions:

Gold finds itself at a very important test of support at (1) at the top of its falling channel. A break of this support line could bring in a new round of selling pressure for Gold and other precious metals!

The Power of the Pattern suggested to get off the “Crowded Gold Train” at $1,900 per ounce.

Multiple support points come into play at…


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  • Thabo

    I appreciate the articles. But I think they would be much better without the sensationalistic headlines.

  • Kit Holz

    Niece try. The Federal Reserve knows very well that huge economies like China, Russia or India want to back their currency with a new gold standard. That is the last desperate operation of the bear trap Bernanke.

  • Golden Priest

    everyone knew gold is the only equity that cannot be depreciate..fuck the news and the federal reserve..US need to accept that they will be in the same level as Indonesia after this

  • farang

    And where was the price of gold last March? Don’t I see lower prices for it them just to consolidate, then rise again? For goodness sakes, if you have weak hands and a weak fortitude, get out now.

    On the other hand, this “interest rates rising” scenario, which I do not see, indeed would signal a fundamental change in Central Bank strategy, and would indeed make it prudent to fully consider long term gold and all PM prices.

    But you leave out quite a few other factors to consider: Look at 2008, when the markets tanked everywhere…gold too…hysterical reactions by those not holding PMs to “get out now”…how did that play out?

    I’ll leave you with this: China has a billion consumers, and they like their gold: think they will be selling it cheap now? Think again. India has a billion consumers, and they like their gold: think they will be selling it cheaply now? Think again.

    PROVE to me that this is not PAPER DERIVATIVE GOLD being dumped. Tell me again about “price averaging” your PM holdings long-term. Personally, my desire is to watch the amount of SALES of physical, and buy on the dips, and average down my Basis.

    And if the Fed stops propping up the Bond market by purchasing it’s own paper (okay “Treasury paper”, same same people)….and returns to 1978 strategy, offering 14% T-Bills for us SAVERS while limiting the creation of fiat paper, then I will diversify back into T-Bills also.

    But you won’t be purchasing my PMs on the cheap. Those days are Long. Gone.

  • US Marine Fighting Tyranny

    My Fellow Americans:
    Wow!,….What a bunch of malarky this article is!
    Gold’s price dropped for one reason, and one reason only,… its pure manipulation.
    This manipulation is perpetrated by the US Fed Reserve, The Bank Of England, the LBMA and the BIS,.. all one and the same organization,.. the International Banksters.
    They smash the price of Gold for several reasons, the least being that people see it as a “bad” investment. The majority reason is to prop up the illusion that all the worthless paper being printed and circulated around the globe as currency actually has some measure of value. It doesn’t,… its a fake, a fraud, and illusion,.. and illusion that crash at a moments notice, whereas Gold,… no matter what you say or do, is real, and these criminals, this money mafia can not stand the thought that people might figure that out.
    Morons like being lied to by the conartists of governement and government backed organizations (such as The Fed),.. smart people realize when they are being lied to, and simply exercise more prudent choices,.. quietly, efficiently and with complete confidence.
    The only question you need to answer is: Are you a complete moron (as the government and Banksters hope),.. or are you smart?
    JD – US Marine Fighting Tyranny

  • ddearborn

    Gold performs best when real interst rates are low? Really so from 1900 until 1970 when REAL interest rates were esentially flat gold did what?
    Oh thats right it was “fixed” to the dollar and did next to nothing. Once off the gold standard the 1970’s saw massive inflation and……….wait for it
    massive increases in gold prices. 1984 Up is down and down is up. Gold is the ultimate hedge against inflation. The FED and the international banking cartel that it is part of must come up with thousands of tons of gold over the next 5-7 years. Gold that belongs to other countries that they sold to their friends when gold was under $300 an ounce. So they are busy as we speak driving the price of gold down thru the floor so they can restock their vaults at bargain basement prices after adjusting for inflation……
    Second the “Fear” factor is at an all time high and is running thru the roof. People are terrified around the world of massive inflation, polution, unemployment, currency collapse you name it. This article is complete bunk.