ALERT: India To Rush Troops To Ladakh If No De-Escalation In Face-Off!!! Foreign Ministry Asks China To Withdraw Troops From India…China Flew Military Choppers Over Depsang!!

Video: China flew military choppers over Depsang: Sources

Chinese helicopters flew over Depsang in Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO) sector in Ladakh on April 15, the same night a platoon-strength contingent of Chinese Army came 10 km inside the Indian territory and established a tented post in the sector, sources said.


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India has asked China to pull out PLA troops stationed at temp outpost in Ladakh but indication is that 2nd flag meet was failure.

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reportedly Chinese side raised objections to construction of bunkers by India at Phuktsey area and wanted the structures demolished.

600 border violations by China along LAC since 2010, but nothing like this…

India has accused Chinese soldiers of launching an incursion far into Indian territory, the latest flare-up of tension between the two Asian giants over their de facto boundary in the Himalayas.

“Chinese troops entered 10km into Indian territory on April 15 and pitched tents in the Depsang valley in the Ladakh region of eastern Kashmir,” an Indian official said on Tuesday.

Indian army commanders have met at least two times with their Chinese counterparts, but Chinese troops remain in Indian-claimed territory, said Tsering Angchuk, a civil administrator in Ladakh. “They have not vacated the position so far,” he said.

India’s foreign ministry said it had asked China to withdraw troops from the territory.

India to rush troops to Ladakh if no de-escalation on face-off with China

NEW DELHI: India may be working the diplomatic hotlines with China, but parallels are already being drawn between the ongoing 10-day military standoff in Ladakh and the Sumdorong Chu incident of 1986-87, which required “a major show of force and resolve” to settle matters amicably.


China’s encirclement of India strategy, also known as the “string of pearls” strategy. Read this carefully

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#Ladakh issue poses most threat of escalating since Indian gov already facing widespread mistrust/anger over handling of other issues.

Chinese and Indian troops are camping 900 feet apart from each other six miles into Indian territory, according to India’s External Affairs Ministry, which describes the Chinese incursion and resulting standoff as a “face to face situation.”

China has border disputes with -Burma, ,India, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,Mongolia, Taiwan and Japan to name few…