Alert – One Step Closer To The Big Event, Be Prepared!! Westgate-Mall False Flag: United States Set to Attack Kenya, and other African Countries

The central bankers/US government are in the process of building the propaganda that al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab are now very strong terrorist groups. They are making the case that these groups are much more sophisticated and will be able to strike America. The Government officials along with the corporate media are making the case that the economy is getting better but when you look at the hype you can see the economy is not doing as well as they are making everyone believe. The government and corporate media are playing mind games with the American people.

Following a mass shooting by Al-Shabab militants at a shopping mall in Kenya’s Capitol on Sunday, the U.S. is set to target the militants.

According to Former US general Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Chiarell, the United States is now seeking targets to hit.

”They’re developing targets and refining target lists, trying to fill in any gaps that we possibly have,” the former four-star general said during an interview with ABC’s This Week on Sunday.

“Intelligence has been gathered and will continue to be gathered to fill in any holes that we have about what happened in this particular attack and what could happen in the future”, Gen. Chiarelli added.

He also stated that the situation is very chaotic, and U.S. Officials are doing everything they can to gather intelligence.

Was an American security team inside Kenya massacre mall? 

Harvard graduate claims she was rescued by ‘Americans’ after she saw man sat next to her shot dead

Harvard educated, World Bank lawyer Bendita Malakia was rescued on Saturday by an ‘American security team’

The South Carolina resident was eating with a friend when the terror attack began at the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya

They were rescued after spending five hours hiding in a staff room at one of the stores in the upmarket mall

Escaped with 15 others and her American rescuers under a hail of bullets

Another survivor, Pennsylvania-born Nick Handler was at a cafe with his daughter, Julia, when the siege began Saturday and they had a harrowing escape

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35-year old Briton of Somali origin, bruised & “behaving suspiciously,” arrested at airport attempting to exit Kenya

Five Things The Kenya Mall Attack Tells Us About Global Terrorism

1) Transnational terrorism isn’t just a Middle Eastern or Western problem.

2) Jihadist groups disagree with themselves — a lot.

3) Terrorist groups learn from each other.

4) Weak states might be as much of a concern as failed states.

5) “Winning” a war on terrorism might look a lot like losing.


Homeland security urges retailers to increase security after Kenya carnage

American retail centers have tightened security and begun reviewing their resources in the wake of a terrorist attack by Somalia terror group al-Shabaab on an upscale Nairobi mall over the last several days:

The Department of Homeland Security is urging shopping malls in the United States to increase security in the aftermath of the carnage wrought by al Qaeda’s Somalia affiliate over the weekend in Nairobi, Kenya.

Malachy Kavanagh, a spokesman for the International Council of Shopping Centers, told The Daily Beast on Monday that the department contacted shopping malls on Sunday to check on the precautions they were taking against mass shooters.

U.S. intelligence officials say there is no specific threat information suggesting al Qaeda is planning a similar kind of mass shooting in American shopping malls.

Nonetheless, security experts worry about copycats.

Traitor Peter King Telegraphs the Next Potential US Flase Flag: Beware! Al Shabaab Around Every Corner “There’s Also A Large Somali-American Population in St Paul Minnesota & Portland Maine”

Yep, right on cue: White House Worried Al Shabaab Has Been Recruiting Here In the United States…



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