Alien Invasion Caught On Tape Worldwide – Compilation UFOs Sightings 2013 (Video)

Published on Sep 26, 2013

Sightings of UFOs in the sky and alien beings below the surface are increasing in both number and clarity. With odd “streaks” of brilliant light appearing throughout the world and mysterious comments made by NASA regarding an unidentified object beneath the space shuttle – is it possible “they” are already here? Footage includes several “multi-angle” UFO sighting events in the UK and Russia, strange creatures caught on a security camera in Yosemite National Park, and glowing UFO orbs seen in Spain on December 21st, 2012


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  • Rumplestitlskin

    I don’t believe “they” are here to invade, as our attempts to thwart invasion would be futile. I believe they are here to “Observe” us. They are more than capable of moving in and out of our reality in the blink of an eye, such that we are of no real danger to them. What exactly they are here to observe, is only now being spoken of in conspiracy circles. The one thing I do believe, is that every country’s shadow governments know full well what they want and believe it is better to keep their citizenry in the dark to avoid total ciaos than to be honest and allow a natural integration of cosmic civilizations.
    If a populace was to try and force their military to take action, when any action would be basically futile, it would prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the whole of our ignorant civilization needs to wake up soon. If those Aliens can do what we’ve seen they are a much further advanced civilization who could take what they want whenever they want. Obviously they haven’t. So the question that begs an answer is, what are they here to observe that we are not being told.

  • David Gatewood

    Tell them to destroy all Muslim nations while they buzz around and that they will be doing us all a great favor by eliminating all towel heads.

    Thank you very much!

    • William Shakesbeard

      Shut the fuck up, you racist ass ignorant bigot

      • David Gatewood

        Hey Romeo:

        You’re an expert on love, right Mr. Shakebeard?

        How do I get my Muslim neighbor to stop boinkin my goat?

        • William Shakesbeard

          Tell him if anyone is going to be plowing your goat it’s going to be you.

          • David Gatewood

            Too late. He paid me for the goat and married it.

            I threw a reception. Ham and bacon sandwiches with vodka.

    • hp b

      Better yet they could do us all a favor and make a long story short by vaporizing the bogus nation of Israel along with all the (haha) white Jews from Poland, Russia and Brooklyn.
      The cheering would be so loud as to be heard on the moon.
      Big Welcome to our alien saviors!

      • David Gatewood

        Yea but the Jews didn’t crash into the Twin Towers. The Jews are killing Americans and declare Jihad on anyone and everything they don’t like.

        Nuke all Muslim Nations. I wanna see dead Muslims stacked to the sky.

        Death to all Muslims!!

        • hp b

          Zion started the fire (wink wink)

          • David Gatewood


            Well…….I differentiate Israel and American Jews. I love Bibi but Diane Feinstein, Chuck Schummer , Rahn Emanuel, Joe Liberman & Carl Levin…..I’d love to see them all swinging on the end of a rope

          • hp b

            Me too, as per the fake Americans, but those who “updated” the security systems, etc. when the towers were shut down for two weeks weren’t from USA. Were they?
            (pay no attention to the dancing Israelis here to ‘document the event’)

          • David Gatewood

            There is a fraction of Jews who have been behind an evil plot for over 100 years in this country and continue.

            We all know their names.

            So, yea….it’s weird but both Jews and Muslims are my enemy. Each seeks to destroy me in their own way.

            Muslims are by far the worst. Non-tolerant, refuse to assimulate. In the long run the Jew may prove to be the most detrimental??

            Watch for events in October.

          • hp b

            I agree, to a degree..

            Evil plots not just in this country, but also another 80 or 90.
            Remember Cicero? Voltaire? Dostoevsky? Tolstoy?, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.?

            Why is Solzhenitsyn’s masterpiece –
            “Two Hundred Years Together” not been permitted to be printed in the English language? Or even mentioned.
            They ain’t (in)famous for no reason..
            No Muslims have that kind of power.

            (DeNile ain’t just a river in Eretz Israel)

          • David Gatewood

            Point well taken. I like you pun.

            The Elite are powerful. Rothschild …etc.

            Read “The Lord’s of Finance”. Excellent book on how the Jewish Banking Cartel operated from WW 1 thru the 20 century.

            It is amazing how 1.8% of our population remains at over 50% control of the news media, newspapers, Hollywood/Movies, Banks, Music busines and all aspects of influence in America, let alone the world.

            On the other hand, McDonald’s was sued for $700,000 in Dearborn, Michigan by a Mooslime for not cooking his chicken sandwich according to Sharia Law.
            Stinkin Cab Muslim Cab drivers out east will not allow alcohol or a dog in their car.

            Nuke em. All of em. This planet needs to be rid of both Muslims and Mexicans. The blacks will kill each other off on their own.

          • hp b

            If by over 50% you mean over 90% I agree.
            And what’s 700K compared to the 2 trillion Rabbi Zakheim and Silverfish stole from the Pentagon, aka, you and me.

          • David Gatewood

            How about the $16 trillion hustled out the back door of the Federal “Jewish” Reserve for the Banks in Europe in 2010???

          • hp b

            Yep. Fortunately for me, I’ve taken a vow of poverty.. (;>)

          • David Gatewood

            How long til the Amero and the North American Union?

            My guess is the Jews will use the derivative market and a few other factors to make the final crunch on the Old USD

  • M.Rameez Ul-Haq

    If earth ever attacked by aliens, they would attack empire state building first!

  • genesis667

    Aliens are fallen angels–You were told they would come at the end of days
    and they would deceive nearly the entire world…Soon, your govt is going to
    announce them, they will appear to be your savior..
    Believing that LIE will be the biggest mistake mankind will ever make…

    • David Gatewood

      Name the under lying common theme in all alien abductions?

      Give up?

      The extraction of sperm and egg from humans.

      They use a vibrating cup over the penis that causes involuntary ejaculation and they surgically remove female eggs.

      It’s all about DNA.