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Dangerous Heat Engulfs the West

Warnings for extreme heat are posted into the weekend across parts of Arizona, California and Nevada as a large, hot dome of high pressure builds over the region.

Temperatures will soar well into the 110s and even 120s in the days ahead. One location could even approach 130 degrees!

Hot temperatures will also spread throughout the valleys of the Great Basin and Northwest, but not to the levels we will see in the Southwest.


Major Heat Wave in the Making for West US

Temperatures will be at full throttle heading into the weekend over the interior West, reaching dangerous levels, challenging records and elevating the wildfire threat.

While many folks over the interior West are accustomed to and expect hot weather during the summer the developing pattern will take the heat to the extreme. In some cities record highs for any date throughout the year could be equaled or breached.

Las Vegas Weather Report

LAS VEGAS — A high pressure system hanging over the West this weekend is expected to bring temperatures extreme even in a region used to baking during the summer.

Notoriously hot Death Valley’s forecast could touch 129 degrees, not far off the world-record high of 134 logged there July 10, 1913. The National Weather Service called for 118 in Phoenix, and 117 in Las Vegas on Sunday — a mark reached only twice in Sin City.

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  • michaelrivero

    Carbonazis are still pushing their global warming crap. Over at my website we busted one of those temperature sensors recording record high temps, and have a photo of it sited right next to a trash incinerator. Remember, this is the government that told you Saddam had nuclear weapons,m so why, after several record-setting winters in a row, would anyone believe them when they report with alarm that deserts (gasp) get hot in summer, and this justifies new taxes on you?

    • Duane

      These so-called ‘Carbonazis’ are about as left-wing as you can get.