Alternatives to YouTube?

So! The great era of change is amongst us.

In recent days and months it has become evident that the ‘too big to fail’ websites (such as YouTube) who used to seem like invincible institutions are now faced with a very real problem; a growing demand for an alternative…

An alternative website/platform in which to watch and upload videos that’s kind of similar and familiar, but less obsessed with politcal correctness.

There is a demand for an alternative more focused on allowing freedom of speech to emerge in true Volitairian fashion whilst being less concerned with SJW nonsense and Orwellian PC censorship. The open market of ideas and free speech will always exist and will always thrive somewhere. Therefore change is inevitable.

gab could overtake Twitter in the future.

InfoGalatic could overtake WikiPedia.

On Voat, Imgur was essentially replaced with slimg (R.I.P) and then came imgoat, imgtc and, etc.

We have seen the previously invincible MSM news channels and televised cable broadcasting outlets becoming second to the huge uprising of alt media, podcasts and YouTubers, etc.

…So, with that in mind, will Youtube eventually be replaced with Hooktube? Vimeo? LiveLeak?

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Where will the creators who care about free speech eventually flock to? Those who are fed up with Google and YouTube will eventually go elsewhere… I’m curious, which website do you reckon will emerge as a strong competitor?


People have been sharing lists, and these are some that have come up.

Youtube Alternatives:

Experimental (beta): (SteamQ)



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