America : 62% of your Doctors plan to retire in the next 1-3 Years due to Obamacare

News Articles:

Rather than Deal With Health-Care Reform, Doctors Mull Early Retirement…

Thanks Obamacare: 83% of Doctors Surveyed Say They May Quit…



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  • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

    Don’t worry everyone, Obama has a solution to the shortage of doctors. He is going to make you unemployed and so flat broke, you won’t have to worry about the lack of doctors, because there’s now way you will ever be able to afford one anyhow.

  • cold340t

    All this means is that they can retire because they have been over charging for soooo long! You can’t/aren’t going to retire from ANY Field unless you have enough $$$$$$ set aside to do so. Now new Doctors will have to set more reasonable non-bankrutcy causing rates. You really think there is going to be shortage of Doctors? Really? That crack/meth pipe needs to be put away!

    • rob

      Many will retire from their field and go into private practice. This is already becoming common.
      It is quite easy to retire with little to no money. It just depends on your backup plan.

      It just looks like you are trying to support the socialist system that has already failed, before it has already begun.

      How about this, take the restrictions and taxation that have driven up the costs of medical care, then pass that onto the the doctors so that they would not need to charge so much to pay off their six-figure college tuition.

      • Mohamed

        I cant agree with you more, Its all well and good complaining about doctors high and exorbitant charges but one fails to consider the costs of running a practice, the high cost of medication and medical suppliers not to mention the high cost of some medical equipment , The costs and debit incurred in studying , campus, medical university , books and the years and years of pain , studying and late hours , it takes to actually qualify as a doctor. Its a two way street. If you were put in their positions , what would you do? Would you expect a doctor to earn as much as a plumber? ( Though i will admit ,Some plumbers earn ALOT!)

        • davidgmills1

          Many of them got their degrees from public education which we all funded. Those who went to private school all their careers might have a beef (except it was their choice to do so). But I will believe this when I see it. What we needed was a choice between a government insurance and private insurance. What we got was a mandate to use private insurance companies. That was a cave in to the insurance companies.