America abandons navy sailors exposed to Fukushima radiation on USS Reagan

It was really, really bad aboard the USS Ronald Reagan during its Fukushima Mission.

Today they went on a press conference to remind us how bad it was, living in fear every day, some tried to commit suicide.

Over 150 U.S. service members say Fukushima radiation has triggered medical issues — Now Defense Department abandons medical registry, leaving them on their own.

A sailor’s testimony: I was treated as if I had the plague.

This is a very sad video. I find it even sadder today. The laughter is heartbreaking, as it reminds me of how young these men and women are. It reminds me of how we as humans deal with difficult issues in a group setting. They are worried not joyful.



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  • hvaiallverden

    From the very beginning, this have been downplayed and covered up.
    That a hugh f… misstake we all will bleed for, belive me, the story is just beginning, as it breaks the surface.

    We where ridecouled and silenced, but the Nucl, feild is my speciality and have been so since childhood, and I kne instantly that Fukushima is and will be the biggest ind. acident in human history, it dwarfs everything else.


    Radiation f….. thats why, there is no rabbit hole deep anouf, if you havent ben in one for the last years. you are infected, we all are.
    The constant choffings, lungissues, a.s.o. Cobolt 85 can alter the atmosphere, thats something they dont want you to know, and the fact that Plutonium, was reported in Europa, just a month after the innitiale blasts of reac.3 the nuclear expl.
    They serve us drivel, wrapped in utter lies and their coverups have been sloppy and some of us have banged them for this since day one, the simple range of Isotops uncovered it all.
    We knew it, and so did they.

    We knew is melted thrue, within 48 minutes, and within 3-5 h the vessel was breatched and the cores exposed, the only infrared images we where shown inticated it.
    Where and whats the conditions right now is unknown and nobody talks, and its now, people are going to die, two years have passed, and like Tjernobyl, it takes a while to manifets, but it comes, that I am 100% certain on.

    The range of Isotops are mindboggeling, and the list is aprox 1200-2000 different radioactive components, the issue is beyound an nuclear bomb, thats a fart in comparison to Fukushima.

    Its a crime aganist us all, the hole planet is f…., the Pasific is f….. for milleniums, and it will only accumulate, slowly, slowly slowly, into our bodys.

    This dwarfs even a WW3, without any doubth, and the results will be wurse, and wurse, the denile is becomed a state of reality, where they all point at something and says its there still, and like children we nodd along and hope that there is nothing dangerous, well, you where wrong, terrible wrong, and now come the price, and wait for the comming years, when its been accumulating, staedily.

    Wake the f… up.


  • Deborah Rodriguez

    Unhappy 2nd anniversary. Just today I watched a video regarding what the plan is for finally doing “something.” There are over 3,000 plus rods that are full that needed to be removed 2 years ago. They HOPE to be able to do this PROVIDING that Japan does not suffer another earth quake or tsunami. So, let’s all HOPE nothing tragic happens that will further alter, pollute or destroy any type of NORMAL life ever again on Earth.
    This is not acceptable, this is our Earth, our planet. I live in Illinois, you should see the trees. They look like they were snapped from the top of trees to trees just dis-integrated into heaps, chem-trails whatever. I love trees I always have. This is straight out of LORD OF THE RINGS…