America Future – The Worst Economic Collapse Ever – Prepare 2014

America Future – The Worst Economic Collapse Ever – Prepare 2014

America Future – American Economic Collapse Imminent Global Economic Crisis


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  • Koen

    The people behind the dictorship in America are the same tribe that created the Sovjet Union. The warnings are accurate, but fail to identify the enemy: the non-semitic zionist ashkenazi tribe.

  • bura

    USA is WORST THEN COMMUNIST Russia . . .

    • D

      What’s wrong with Russia?

      • B

        oh ever heard of Joseph Stalin? No? how about Vladimir Lenin?

  • plucker

    THE US IS NO MORE. It’s over. No more constitutional democratic republic. It never reached the ideals it proclaimed to hold but it was at least moving in that direction since the 1960s. Then the silent coup d’etat happened and the fascists came in from out of the dark. They now operate freely, visibly, and control everything from the federal government to city councils which they bribe with DHS grant money. Idiotic council members are too blind to see that they are selling out the country. ALL IS LOST. It is only a mater of a very short time before the FEDS start the crackdown and start openly murdering people in the streets. They are taking all rights away and are ready to kill. TIME TO GET OUT OF THE US or be prepared to go down swinging when they launch the attack and send SWAT after you for not paying your parking ticket.