America is AT WAR with China, and losing


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  • Greg Burton

    Since the 9/11 (inside job/Muslim boogie-man) America’s (Israel/City of London) foreign policy (AFRICOM) has been about disrupting and supplanting Chinese advances in trade through out Africa and the world. However, at the same time, the banking cartel (The Fed/City of London) sells billions of Treasury bills to China, which has created a huge unsustainable budget deficit as the a result of the US military fighting…China. But, the massive holding os US Treasury’s give China de facto control over US monetary policy, inflation, jobs, foreign debt, and even the US standard of living.

    Meanwhile, US-based global transnational corporations are out-sourcing US jobs to China that, along with the banking/LIBOR fraud, and corporate bail-outs, GM moving its manufacturing to China, have resulted in cuts to the social safety net, destroying the American middle-class.

    Meanwhile (again), the US military is being destroyed in the central Asian “graveyard of empires”, and US veterans are being treated like garbage. while replacement parts used in the US military machines are being counterfeited in China. To make matters worse, in the wake of the contrived economic debacle, America is selling off its infrastructure, properties to…China?

    Meanwhile (again), after 12 years of the eternal war-on-terror™, the 9/11 pretext to invade Afghanistan, to steal its resources and re-energize the drug trade, China is now being allowed to extract oil in Afghanistan and Iraq?

    Finally, because of the deliberate financial policies of the Federal Reserve, those fanned the flames of the so-called War on Terror®, subsidized by China buying Treasury bills, the dollar is being destroyed and the Yuan is becoming the de facto reserve currency of the world.

    Can someone tell me that this does not add up to a plan to destroy America? Destroy its economy and democratic institutions, and subordinate our country to a globalist totalitarian NWO? That the so-called “war on terror”, really the war against the growing global presence of China, was never meant to be won. That is was designed as a holding action to weaken America, destroy its democratic institutions, its economy, its people, to get it ready to subordinate it to a NWO run by the banking/drug cartel located in the City of London, waiting for the right leadership in China (Hong Kong Triad) to emerge before setting off the last scripted chaos used as the pretext to send the troops in the streets.

    • Kit Holz

      …China gives you poor Americans cheap goods. Most Americans would have to run naked.

  • Desmond

    What is happening in the world today is the realignment of the economies of the three main trading areas of the world, China and India are catching up and at the same time Europe and America are being held back. There is no ‘global economic crises’, there is only a man-made crises which exists on the spreadsheets of the banking centres of America and Europe. Calling it a ‘global’ crises implies to dumbed down Westerners that it is unavoidable and outside the control of their government. Just like ‘austerity’, it’s all one big con.

    The real point is to bring about a convergence in all peoples standard of living so that a global currency can be introduced into the main trading regions at the same time. This has been well discussed for at least the last 20 years.

    • Kit Holz

      Europe should kick out Great Britain and stop participation in stupid US policies such as the Iran boycott. Not to mention that all embassies of the group Israel should be closed.

      • Andrew Giles

        We would love to get kicked out by Europe. The people of the UK will vote to leave the EU when given a referendum.

  • Kit Holz

    The difference between Chinese/American policies? China buys resources, America ambushes, murders and then rob from the dead bodies. Iraq! Afghanistan! …just a few examples of the genocidal US policies.