America Is On The Path Of Becoming A Police State

The French are now taxing everything, they need more revenue to pay the massive debt since the people cannot find work. Germany wants its gold back and the US and France are in Africa invading countries to get the gold. Obama is working to remove all public education and let the corporations control the educational process. DHS is setting up Real Id to federalize all licenses and place everyone into a federal database. Schools are starting to ban books and a Pakistan is threatening terrorism in the US.

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  • fatwillie

    Excuse me, but america is not becoming a police state, it already is a police state.

    • Sooriamoorthy

      And it has been a Police State at least since a moronic drunkard stole his way, with the complicity of judges, to the White House.

  • Incriminally Sane

    My grandchildren who are three and five years old, just last week, were sent home documents from their schools for MILITARY DRAFT REGISTRATION! WTF? No police state here, just move along.