American Airlines flight delayed for FOUR HOURS after two female flight attendants start a fight over cell phone

An argument between two American Airlines flight attendants forced pilots to return the plane to the gate at New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, causing a four-hour delay on Wednesday.

Flight 3823 operated under the commuter brand American Eagle was scheduled to depart at 3:10pm en route to Washington DC, but as the jet was preparing for take-off, a squabble broke out between two unnamed female flight attendants, according to passengers.

The dispute apparently started when one of the women was spotted using her cell phone during the flight crew’s per-departure checks.

Flight feud: A fight broke out between two female American Airlines flight attendants after one of the women told the other to turn off her cell phone

The other woman made an announcement over the intercom ordering everyone about the jet to turn off their phones and electronic devices, ‘including the other flight attendant.’

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The on-board spat between the two flight attendants escalated to the point that the pilots were forced to turn the plane around and return to the gate.

‘I find it hard to believe the flight attendants couldn’t work with each other for an hour,’ passenger Dan Alexander told NBC, referring to the approximate flight time from New York to Washington.

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