Ammo Shortages, More Than Simple Supply and Demand Issues

Awr Hawkins, a columnist for, asked back in February if the present shortages of ammunition are a deliberate attempt by government agencies to so overwhelm existing manufacturers with orders for billions of rounds that it is resulting in “de facto” gun control. Hawkins asked: “What if the shortage is intentional?”

On Wednesday he raised the same question:

While many of the conspiracy theories that have been propounded to explain DHS [Department of Homeland Security] ammo purchases ought to be rejected out of hand, it seems increasingly reasonable to believe these multiple, massive ammo orders have been placed one upon the other to exasperate the already low supplies in the private market.

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It continues to sound like gun control by another name…

There are also rumors of DHS agents going to gun shops and buying up all the .22 LR & .38 ammo, then simply having it destroyed, I don’t know the truth of these rumors, but this supply issue seems to be taking far too long to resolve…


Homeland Security hoarding ammo, depriving police


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