AN EASY CHANCE FOR THE GOP CONGRESS TO PROVE ITSELF: Senators want more money for campus sex police.

What we have in congress are a class of privileged criminals who must occasionally appeal to the people to retain their position.

Some of these criminals craft their appeals to certain types of people, other criminals craft their appeals to other types.

The criminals will say and do just enough to keep the people they must appease mollified.

We will never have honest politicians. The most we can do is continually hold their feet to the fire and encourage primary challengers.

Unless and until this becomes an issue about which conservatives citizens are continuously hounding congress about, nothing will change because the criminals that pander to conservatives don’t care about anything unless it is a threat to their reelection.

Several Democratic senators are requesting additional funds for the Education Department to continue policing the sex lives of college students.

Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, Tim Kaine, Claire McCaskill and Mark Warner have written a letter calling for increased funding for the Department’s Office for Civil Rights, which has been investigating schools for alleged violations of the anti-sex discrimination law known as Title IX. The senators are requesting a budget of $137.7 million for OCR. Last year, the office’s budget was $100 million, which means the senators are asking for a nearly 40 percent increase in funding for this one department.

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Here’s how we got to this point, put as simply as possible: In 2011, OCR sent out a “Dear Colleague” letter that vastly expanded the definition of Title IX and what schools needed to do in order to comply with the statute. Because of the broadening of the statute, schools have been accused of violating students’ rights under Title IX and have come under investigation by OCR. Now OCR is requesting more money to investigate these schools because it has become overwhelmed.

The “Dear Colleague” letter sent by OCR in 2011 did not go through the required notice-and-comment period that past letters had gone through. This prompted Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., to demand that OCR justify its overreach. OCR failed to do so to Lankford’s liking. . . .

Also, just one Republican — Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada — signed onto the letter requesting an increase of funding for OCR. Republicans have so far, in very limited numbers, been the only ones standing up for the due process rights of students accused of crimes on college campuses.





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