An Unprecedented Global Frenzy To Buy Physical Gold & Silver: Shoppers In China Lined Up For Gold This Week, While In Hong Kong They Rushed To Buy Bracelets And In India Sought Jewelry For Weddings Not Set Until December And There Is A Shortage For Bars And Coins In Dubai Which Is Creating A Supply Shortage; Short-Term Bounce In Gold Could Start Here!!

Farage – People Are Lined Up Around The Block To Buy Gold

Farage:  “No they are not.  We are now incredibly cynical about our government, about our central banks, about all of the things that we are told.  They are sure signs, if people are queued up around the block to buy physical gold, that people are scared….

“They don’t believe what they are told.  Exactly when the moment is I don’t know, but all I would say to people who have been building into a gold position over the course of the last few years, and doing it for all of the right reasons that King World News has advocated, don’t panic.  Don’t worry.  This is a buying opportunity, not the moment to panic.”


China Has `Enormous’ Appetite for Gold


Nigel Moffatt, treasurer at the Perth Mint, talks about the demand outlook for gold. Shoppers in China lined up for gold this week, while in Hong Kong they rushed to buy bracelets and in India sought jewelry for weddings not set until December.


Rule – More Evidence Of A Massive Run On Physical Gold

The guy in front of me bought over $1 million in gold. He paid in cash & walked out of the door with the (gold) bullion in a nike bag. Amazing.” I have every confidence that if you & I are on the phone few years from now we will look back &…


KOLKATA: World Gold Council, which has been tracking the global gold market pattern, has found that there is a shortage for bars and coins in Dubai which is creating a supply shortage.

Aram Shishmanian, CEO, World Gold Council: “It has become increasingly clear over the course of the past week that the fall in the gold price was triggered by speculative traders operating in the futures markets. Their short-term view of generating a trading profit is in stark contrast to the views of long term investors in gold, as evidenced by the massive wave of physical gold buying that began over the weekend and accelerated following Monday’s further decline.

Random Thoughts – Trader Dan Norcini

With the wild price swings being made in this market, it is hard to be too dogmatic, but the way this market is acting, based on the news of strong physical offtake down near the $1350 level, I am greatly tempted to say that a low is in.

Keith Fitz-Gerald: “I am Buying Gold and I Intend to Buy More if It Goes Down”

But Keith had a decidedly different take on gold, saying, “I am buying gold and I intend to buy more if it goes down, and I hope I’m smart enough to do it for a long time to come.”

Joe Friday says….short-term bounce in Gold could start here!


Massive outflows have taken place in the Gold & Silver complex over the past few weeks, causing large declines. Gold found its 23% Fibonacci level to be support for almost 18 months, once it gave way, selling ramped up.  The decline has Gold hitting a support line, at its 38% Fibonacci level with momentum very oversold in the chart above.

Joe Friday says…..The set up in Gold would suggest that a counter trend rally could take place in Gold,  due to this situation. This set up is more geared for shorter term traders at this time and one would want to have adequate stops below the key support points to protect oneself if the 38% level fails to hold.


10 Signs The Takedown Of Paper Gold Has Unleashed An Unprecedented Global Run On Physical Gold And Silver

An unprecedented global frenzy to buy physical gold & silver, All over the planet, people are recognizing that this is a unique opportunity to be able to acquire large amounts of gold & silver at a bargain price.


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  • Honest Harry’s Used Cars

    State governments are ecstatic at the conspicuous consumption of consumer gold and silver. Some consumers who are buying gold are paying state sales tax on it. Most should be.

    The Internet’s Gold dealers are one of the reasons the federal bill providing for sales tax on internet sales will be passed.

    Most states already require consumers to declare their Internet purchases on their state tax forms and to pay sales tax on those purchases.

    For this reason many owners of physical metal already are considered tax cheats who are subject to hefty fines, and in some cases imprisonment for tax evasion.

    Your “investment” could end up costing you a lot more than the money you lose when the price of these commodities tank as the shine of all the hype wears off.

  • Lou

    Gold and silver are money or soon will be. There can be no “tax” on money.