Another one!!!- Gas explosion reported in Springfield, Massachusetts

SPRINGFIELD — The Scores Gentlemen’s Club building at 453 Worthington St. has exploded following the report of a natural gas leak.

The building was flattened, and the remains of the club look like a huge cavity in the road. At least two people were injured.

Emergency officials set up a command center at Chestnut and Worthington streets.

Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray is in Springfield and is consulting with Mayor Domenic Sarno and State Rep. Cheryl Coakley-Rivera.

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Last night, a technician was able to shut off a faulty valve and avert what probably could have been another crazy gas line explosion. An emergency responder reported a gas plume 100ft high accompanied by a huge booming sound like a freight train. Being that last night was Thanksgiving holiday here in the states, this could have gone a whole different direction. Thank goodness for that technician, he was really on the job. I think there is more to this, possibly an agenda by oil industry to create fear around natural gas.


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