Another Perfect Storm

Atlantic Capital Management Special Report: Another Perfect Storm (pinecarr)

Zero Hedge is happy to announce its most recent collaboration, this time with Atlantic Capital Management, whose special reports we will post in the future on a periodic basis. We start off with the September report , which is divided into three parts: Part 1 – The Economy Can Go From Bad to Worse, Part 2 – Self-Similarity (on High Frequency Trading and fractal systems), and Part 3 – The Myth of Valuations. We hope you find the report as interesting and informative as did we.

“For the latest reporting week, nine states didn’t file claims data to the Labor Department in Washington because of the federal holiday earlier this week, a Labor Department official told reporters. As a result, California and Virginia estimated their figures and the U.S. government estimated the other seven, the official said. ”

  • Other news and headlines:

Global economic recovery is slowing, OECD warns

Economists cut U.S. growth forecast again

US Competitiveness Slips, Switzerland Is Tops in WEF Study

FDIC’s Bair Warns of Government “Exposure” in Mortgages

Speeding in Illinois Is Getting More Costly and Illinois Raises Speeding Ticket Fees to Remedy Budget Deficit

More than 1100 in Illinois warned of layoffs in Aug.

State government squeezing Springfield landlords, building owners say

Europe’s Fragile Banks

Antonovich calls for state of emergency over budget (California)

Long Beach City Council Approves Creation Of Foreclosure Ordinance

HUD Doles out Another $1B to Stabilize Hard-Hit Neighborhoods

Public pension debt looms as budget buster (Maine)

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