Another snow blast for Midwest, East coming… 20 Million in Path

The same storm unloading a half of a foot or more of snow from Denver to Dayton, Ohio, this weekend will reach part of the Atlantic coast Sunday night and Monday.

The Palm Sunday weekend storm will mature over the Plains and Midwest but will still pack enough energy and moisture to bring up to a foot of snow over part of the central Appalachians later Sunday through Monday.

The west-to-east band of snow is scheduled to reach part of the I-95 corridor from Washington, D.C., to New York City Sunday night.

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As a major storm tracks across the Central states, severe weather will continue to erupt from eastern Texas to Florida during this Palm Sunday weekend.

Blinding downpours and flooding could disrupt travel and foil outdoor activities during the Palm Sunday weekend. However, there is the potential for more violent weather conditions that could threaten lives and property in part of the Deep South.


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