Anti-Vaccine Doctor, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Explains He’s Under Attack – Targeted by TPTB

Mandatory Vaccine Scam of 2015 Special Warning from Revolution Television on Vimeo.

Mandatory Vaccine Scam of 2015 Special Warning

Opposing Consumer Fraud

*Vaccination Genocide Alert*

Produced and presented by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

America is threatened with radical risks from mandatory vaccinations politically imposed by drug industrialists with direct links to the Nazis of World War II. After all these years, the poisoning of people’s bodies and minds for profit and population control–global genocide–is alive and well in the “National Public Health Service” and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) complicit with Big Pharma in committing mass murder and consumer fraud.

In this Special Warning–a public service message–from world leading vaccine industry whistleblower, Dr. Leonard Horowitz (a Harvard-trained public health and consumer safety activist), reveals the outrageous truth about vaccination risks grossly neglected, and purposely concealed, by health officials, politicians, and the corporate-controlled media promoting mandatory vaccinations for all school children.

Look around you. See the children and families who have already suffered irreparable harm from vaccine poisonings–immunological intoxications and widespread nervous system pollutions–leaving victims often brain damaged, or otherwise suffering from more than eighty (80) auto-immune diseases and new forms of cancer; all profiting drug industrialists who fund depopulation policies and politics.

Dr. Horowitz shares a chilling new view of genetic “evolution of the species” and “survival of the fittest” predicting that children who are forced to homeschool, into mandatory isolation, effectively a quarantine at home, while homeschooling, will number in the millions and surely become healthier and better educated as a result of the illegal imposition of mandatory vaccinations.

The science and medicine promoting vaccines as “safe and effective” is steeped in fraud and evidence tampering, Dr. Horowitz asserts. He gives clear examples of scientific fraud concealing Big Pharma’s petrochemical pollutants and health risks misrepresented by the news media that brainwashes people into trusting medicines and vaccines containing toxic chemicals and heavy metal poisons. The side effects of these criminal concealments, widespread poisonings, and “social engineering” are devastating millions of family’s and America’s economy. Just consider the exploding need for special education for autistic children sickened by mercury and aluminum poisons in vaccines. Consider also the cost to families and society for caring for these victims of the “medical monopoly,” scientific fraud, and “iatrogenocide.”

Dr. Horowitz was solicited to produce this special warning by friends and supporters of California Governor Jerry Brown, who is currently having to decide whether or not to veto legislation sponsored by the drug companies (“in bed with the CDC”) pushing mandatory “immunizations.”

The doctor has been heavily challenged by criminals in the Third Circuit Court of Hawaii who, while aiding-and-abetting illegal drug trafficking from the Big Island (Hawaii County) impacting people nationwide, have tied the doctor up for the past ten years in lawsuits in efforts to suppress his voice in the vaccine debate, by maliciously prosecuting him to steal his spa property.

Dr. Horowitz adds an apology, and explanation, as to why he has been prevented by these “court officers” from delivering more of these messages to his millions of supporters worldwide.

We ask that you share this urgent warning from Dr. Horowitz liberally. Send this link to every governor in the United States.

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7 Responses

  1. Lou says:

    Doctor Horowitz IMO is the real deal. If you want to know where AIDS and Ebola both came from please read his excellently referenced book “Emerging Viruses AIDS & Ebola”

    “Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase

    Interestingly, the bad reviewers of this book have only convinced me of its accuracy. None of their criticisms strike me as being sound. A few of them criticize the book for scaring people, to which I would say that I only wish back in 1932, during my lifetime, someone would have,
    in a similar fashion, scared people about the Tuskegee Experiment. I also wish back in the 1700s someone would have scared the native americans before the British deliberately distributed smallpox infected blankets to them, killing off half of the tribes!

    As to the argument that man did not know how to create the ebola virus in the 50s,
    the critics are not appropriately answering the scenarios raised by Dr. Horowitz. Specifically, Dr, Horowitz spends a great deal of time discussing the possiblities of:

    1) Careless “professionals” allowing contamination from existing virus samples.

    2) An existing virus, from one host, from which another host becomes infected, with the result being that the virus mutates in the new host to a variation of the original virus, a mutated virus for which not only can we not create, we also don’t have a cure for (as in the case of AIDS).

    3) A criminally misguided government official, someone such as, say, a Henry Kissinger who we know touted the the benefits of population control, who might have sent signals to outfits such as the CIA whose job it is to be paranoid to the extreme and who could obtain funding for top secret virus research for which the “experts” writing reviews here would know none of the details of what man was, or was not, capable of creating in a lab.

    This is a must read for any sane person who recognizes the foolishness of sticking your head in the sand to avoid seeing the lion charging at your butt.”

    • BHill says:

      Indeed. The Brits were led by a zionist Man and j EW named Jeffrey Jacob Amhearst, who initiated the smallpox blankets. J ews did similar during the Middle ages with the Black Plague, in throwing flea bitten rats down wells of Christian land owners causing the death of half of Europe. When caught in the act they confessed to orders from their Rabbis and many were expelled that’s history we aren’t taught. Their confessions are on record J ews love germ and biological warfare.

  2. gingercake5 says:

    Be very careful, Doctor! These criminals don’t mess around because the industry is so very profitable. We appreciate the truth being told, though.

  3. Koolz says:

    Doc your under attack from a Satanic Group that is part of the Elders of Zion. Under the Flag of Zionism of Israel. They want America Weak it’s people sick.
    They want everyone to have a vaccine, change there DNA, there Humanism.
    It’s dark agenda and I think if you looked into it you would lose your life. It has ties to the CIA/Mossad
    and group of people that are quite hidden from the rest of the world.
    It’s one of the Reasons Bill Gates sold his Soul and started Gates Foundation.

  4. BHill says:

    Nazis did not vaccinate! They made abortion illegal! They made vacations mandatory! They threw j EWs out of banking and their economy exploded and was the envy of the world in 5 yes with less than 10% military GDP. Hitler lowered the age for Germans to own guns to 18. Taxes were lowered. Why so much disinfo and Muh Holocaust references!? This is tired. More German bashing. Of course if Hitler won WW2 we’d have no Obama, abortion, usury, world bank, feminism, communism, gay marriage, flooding of Europe with 3rd worldwrs, media degeneracy or porn. Ie it’d be horrible

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