Apple Is Getting Creamed By Android, Which Now Controls ~80% Of The Smartphone Market

Apple CEO Tim Cook seems like a pretty calm guy.


Therefore, we doubt he’s in total freak-out, mega-meltdown mode over the latest news from IDC that Android now has 79.3% of the smartphone market, up from 69.1% a year ago. Apple, meanwhile, has just 13.3% of the smartphone market, down from 16.6% a year ago.

Cook can remain calm on the outside about these stats, but inside he should be quietly freaking out, because this is not good for Apple, or its core business of selling iPhones.

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He can talk all he wants about trying to build the best smartphone, not sell the most smartphones, but the truth is that these aren’t mutually exclusive goals. Apple could easily sell more iPhones if it adjusted its business model.

So far, Apple has been reluctant to change. The result is Android running away with the market. It’s on a crash course to some day have over 90% of the entire mobile phone market.

For years, Android took market share, and Apple was just fine. Its profits grew, its revenues grew.

That era is over for Apple.

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