Apple Wins Again! Samsung Infringed On Apple “Bounce-Back” Patent… Apple Controlled 53 Percent Of The Market, While Samsung Ranked Fifth With A 4.3 Percent Share

Japan rules Samsung infringed Apple’s ‘bounce back’ patent

A Tokyo court ruled on Friday that Samsung Electronics had infringed on rival Apple’s patent for a “bounce-back” feature on earlier models of its popular smartphones.

Samsung and Apple, the world’s top two smartphone makers, are fighting patent disputes in 10 countries as they compete to dominate the lucrative mobile market and win customers with their latest gadgets.

Tokyo court says Samsung infringed on Apple “bounce-back” patent

The Japanese court’s decision comes after the U.S. Patent and Trademark office judged in April that Apple’s patent for the bounce-back feature was invalid, allowing older Samsung models that had a similar feature to remain on sale.

Apple wins another one: Tokyo court rules Samsung infringed on Apple ‘bounce-back’ patent

“Apple Inc. won a patent lawsuit in Japan, as a Tokyo judge ruled that Samsung Electronics Co. smartphones and a tablet computer infringed on its visual effects for touch panels,” Takashi Amano and Mariko Yasu report for Bloomberg. “Tokyo District Court Judge Shigeru Osuga hasn’t ruled on the amount of damage compensation and didn’t give a timeframe for providing one, according to a statement from the court.”

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Video mocks Samsung’s (lack of) design principles

Apple spent the previous days trying to restate its values and show that it is a company of principle, not one of fad or glut.

Some think the WWDC presentation was no revolution. Others believe it offered some sturdy indications of the right sort of obstinacy and of a consistency of design perspective.

In an attempt to reinforce that thought, Apple released a video (embedded below) that expressed its simple intentions — not to confuse abundance with choice, for example.

I am grateful to The Loop for spotting that a wag who might have been positively moved by these thoughts and feelings has created the Samsung version of this video. Or, rather, the anti-Samsung version.


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