Apple’s iPhone 5 is the most hated handset – while the majority of people love the Samsung Galaxy S4, study finds

  • The iPhone 5 was the most criticised handset on social networks
  • One in five comments about the phone were negative following its launch
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S4 received the least complaints on Twitter and blogs

Apple’s iPhone 5 received the biggest customer backlash following its launch in 2012, according to new research.

One in five posts on social networks were critical of Apple’s most recent handset, with the majority of people complaining about the introduction of a new power socket, the inaccuracy of Apple Maps and how similar the phone was to previous models.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 received the least complaints – just 11 per cent – according to figures from analysts We Are Social.



Number of launch day conversations

iPhone 5 – 1.7 million

BlackBerry Z10 – 300,000

Galaxy S4 – 140,000

Lumia 920 – 45,000

Brand appeal: conversation based around the brand itself

iPhone 5 – 42%

BlackBerry Z10 – 41%

Lumia 920 – 41%

Galaxy S4 – 20%

Brand criticism: comments about the brands with a negative connotation

iPhone 5 – 20%

BlackBerry Z10 – 18%

Lumia 920 – 15%

Galaxy S4 – 11 %

Features: discussions about any new and different features of the handset

Galaxy S4 – 56%

Lumia 920 – 37%

iPhone 5 – 29%

BlackBerry Z10 – 27%–majority-people-love-Samsung-Galaxy-S4-study-finds.html

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