April 14 is Ex-Spouse Day, International Moment of Laughter Day and Look Up at the Sky Day:

Ex-Spouse Day

Some holidays are hard to swallow. Ex-Spouse Day is one of them. Reverend Ronald Coleman of Kansas City, Mo., created the holiday, according to The Deseret News. “The trauma of a broken relationship is often a controlling force in a divorced person’s life, interfering with his or her ability to form another intimate relationship.”

Considering that approximately half of all first marriages in America end in divorce, there are plenty of people who could celebrate Ex-Spouse Day. The percentage increases for second and third marriages and is also higher for childless couples than it is for married couples with kids.

Take a moment to remember that at one time you did love your former spouse at one time. Ex-Spouse Day gives you the chance to forgive, forget and move on. No, you don’t have to become best friends with your ex, but you can move on from the past and let bygones be bygones.

International Moment of Laughter Day

He calls himself America’s humorologist and he wants you to laugh it up. Author, corporate motivator and professional speaker Izzy Gesell believes “shared laughter is love made audible.” He doesn’t recall exactly when he started International Moment of Laughter Day, only that it was at least 20 years ago.

“The catalyst was a realization through my humor work that people thought either they were not funny or they weren’t aware of the benefits of humor. My idea was to encourage people to take one day and start expanding their humor like smoking cessation day aimed to help folks become aware.” — Izzy Gesell (via email)

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To celebrate he recommends the following:

* Look in the mirror and laugh out loud for 30 seconds

* Go through your mementos stuck in the basement and reconnect with symbols of happiness

* Call a friend and share a funny story

Look up at the Sky Day

You never what you’ll see when you look up at the sky. On April 14, 1781, “Charles Messier received word that Friedrich Herschel discovered planet Uranus on March 13. He wrote to Herschel: ‘It does you the more honor as nothing could be more difficult than to recognize it and I cannot conceive how you were able to return several times to this star or comet as it was necessary to observe it several days in succession to perceive that it had motion, since it had none of the usual characters of a comet.'”

Centuries later, Space Shuttle Columbia completed its first flight and returned to Earth on April 14, 1981.

* Grab a blanket, have a picnic and look up at the sky. You may see birds, kites, planes, or a cloud shaped like Snoopy.

* Have a stargazing party and bonfire with a small group of friends. Look up and admire the sky.

* Brush up on your astronomy knowledge by viewing HubbleSite’s Tonight’s Sky.

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