April 16: World Cow Chip Throwing Contest, London Book Fair, Day of the Mushroom, Apollo 16 Anniversary

World Cow Chip Throwing Contest



The world needs more organic sporting events, like the World Cow Chip Throwing Contest.

London, you may have the 2012 Summer Olympics, but Beaver, Okla., has dung-flingers, horse shoe-throwers, a poker run, a parade and more. Women, men and teams all compete to see who can go, or throw, the distance.

The Cimarron Territory Celebration and World Cow Chip Throwing Championship Contest take place April 16 to April 22, according to the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce.


London Book Fair


On the other side of the pond, London hosts the London Book Fair from April 16 to 18. The London Book Fair is considered one of the most important publishing events. It is “the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels,” according to London Book Fair. Authors of the Day attendees for 2012 include crime novelist Peter James, author and screenwriter Bi Feiyu and award-winning author Patrick Ness.


Day of the Mushroom


Crimini, shiitake, portobello, chanterelle, porcini… those are some pretty fancy names for fungi. They’re earthy, light and they’re edible. Some mushrooms, like portobello, retain many of their nutrients during cooking. Crimini mushrooms provide “unique immune system support,” offer cardiovascular support and are a valuable source of vitamin B12, according to World’s Healthiest Foods.


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Celebrate the Day of the Mushroom with:

* Mushroom soup

* Spaghetti with peas and mushrooms in pancetta cream sauce

* Mushrooms in white wine


Apollo 16: 40th Anniversary


On April 16, 1972, Commander John W. Young lead a small crew to explore the moon’s Descarte Highlands. One of the main goals of the Apollo 16 mission was to “explore and sample a young bright-rayed crater aptly named North Ray crater. Its high reflectivity is due to its young age,” according toNASA. Apollo 16 and its crew safely returned on April 27, 1972.


Texas City Disaster 65th Anniversary

The only good things to come out the worst industrial disaster in U.S. history were the new regulations on handling chemicals. On April 16 and 17, 1947, a ship, the S.S. Grandcamp carrying ammonium nitrated caught on fire. The ship was docked at Texas City, Texas. The fire killed 576 people, although that estimate is considered conservative. Almost the entire fire department was killed, according to the Texas City Museum.


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