Arabs commit 75% of Berlin’s crimes


Citing an article in the German-language newspaper Bild, titled “Berlin Capitulates! Why it’s so easy to commit a crime in Germany’s capital,” The New Observer reports, Dec. 1, 2017, that according to new official figures, at least 75%—and likely much more—of all criminals in the German capital of Berlin are “Arab” immigrants and their German-born descendants.

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Berlin has become not just the capital of Germany, but also the capital of crime. At least 1,558 crimes are perpetrated every single day in the city, a figure which is “more than in any other German state on a per capita basis.” Berlin has “more robberies (5146), more pickpocketing (44,722) and [the] most stolen vehicles (7349)” than other German cities.

Berlin’s Socialist Party mayor Franzisca Giffey said:

“[There are]12 to 14 criminal clans in Berlin that are threatening peace in the city. At least nine of these clans consist of large Arab families with several hundred of members each. They are involved in drug trafficking, burglary, theft and they deal in stolen goods, human trafficking, prostitution and gambling dens. Their parents were stateless Palestinians who resided in Lebanon and who arrived in Germany in the 1980s. Their sons have gotten a German passport. And if one of them gets caught, he refuses to testify because he doesn’t want to get one of his people into trouble. He’d rather go to prison himself than report a family member.”

The refusal of Arab criminals to testify has led to the Berlin police having a crime solution rate of only 42%.

At the Alexanderplatz—the central square in the middle of Berlin famous for being the site of the city’s large TV broadcast tower—is so overrun with crime that “every day someone reports a robbery or a stabbing. When darkness falls, people steer clear from .”


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