Are We About to See Another Stolen Presidential Election?

From the time I started blogging about a decade ago I’ve been writing somewhat frantically about the GOP efforts to suppress the vote. This should not be surprising since I started writing online in the aftermath of the most dubious election result in history: the infamous Bush v. Gore.

Vote suppression has been with us for centuries, of course. Jim Crow was built on it.Very famous and important Americans have participated in it, including former Chief Justice William Rehnquist. But according to a 2004 report by the Center for Voting Rights it wasn’t until the Jesse Jackson campaign in the 1980s that the Republicans began to organize nationally:

Democratic activist Donna Brazile, a Jackson worker and Albert Gore’s campaign manager in 2000, said “There were all sorts of groups out there doing voter registration. Some time after the ’86 election, massive purging started taking place. It was a wicked practice that took place all over the country, especially in the deep South. Democrats retook the Senate in 1986, and [Republican] groups went on a rampage on the premise they were cleaning up the rolls. The campaign then was targeted toward African-Americans.” As in the past, Republicans justified the purges in the name of preventing the unregistered from voting. But Democrats charged vote suppression.

  • Lib/cons are stupid

    This is the same ole same ole of political party posturing.

    What is wrong with making sure dead people do not vote, and making sure people do not vote twice. Even those of us in the CENTER that think the Dems/Repubs are complete ass wipes, we want no illegal entrants voting, no voting from outside the jurisdiction or precinct, not having people vote three times under different aliases, and making sure dead people do not vote.

    What is wrong with using an ID to vote?

  • Lib/cons are stupid

    “As in the past, Republicans justified the purges in the name of preventing the unregistered from voting. But Democrats charged vote suppression.”

    And on and on this BULLSHIT goes.

    The answer is simple VOTER ID!!! You have to have an ID to get entitlements, a loan, or a cellphone. Why the hell is it considered “voter suppression” to require an ID to vote?

  • Cheryl Jones

    While We the People are concerned about true election results, certain of our elected officials, who want to maintain their positions of power, are not concerned…they don’t want anything such as an accurate vote count to threaten their jobs!

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