Are you middle class? Map reveals how you need to take home $67k in Maryland but just $39k in Mississippi

Middle class in the U.S. can mean something very different depending on where you call your home state.

Census bureau numbers show a shocking disparity in the definition of ‘middle income’ – with Maryland boasting an average of $67,469 and Mississippi posting an appallingly low $39,078, a difference of $28,391.

Debate over the definition of middle class comes after President Obama’s State of the Union address this week. He detailed his plan to get the middle class back on track, mentioning the term a total of 8 times in his speech on Tuesday.

‘It is our generation’s task, then, to reignite the true engine of America’s economic growth: a rising, thriving middle class,’ he told a joint-session of Congress but since the term is defined so differently by region, many are now wondering who would actually be helped.

Top 25 U.S. States for Average Median Household

1    Maryland                           $67,469

2    New Hampshire                 $67,287

3    Connecticut                       $67,165

4    New Jersey                        $65,072

5    Massachusetts                  $62,809

6    Virginia                              $62,776

7    Alaska                               $60,566

8    Colorado                           $59,803

9    Hawaii                                $59,605

10   Washington                      $59,370

11    Utah                                 $58,438

12    Minnesota                        $56,869

13    District of Columbia          $56,566

14    California                          $56,074

15    Delaware                          $55,421

16    Vermont                            $54,805

17    Wyoming                          $54,458

18    Nebraska                          $53,927

19    North Dakota                    $53,827

20    Illinois                               $52,801

21    Wisconsin                        $52,574

22    Rhode Island                   $52,142

23    Oregon                            $51,735

24    New York                          $51,547

25    Iowa                                 $51,322

Source:  U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, 2010 to 2012 Annual Social and Economic Supplements.

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