ARGENTINA TURNING IN A NAZI NARCOSOCIALIST state: Argie government will expose fiscal data of any who criticize the government on the media!

This is just insane.
Socialists are pushing gradually for less freedom for argentinians.
Since 2012, we can´t buy foreign currency. We must ask the local IRS ( AFIP) to sell us foreign currency. They authorize 24 hs before a trip. So they know if you travel overseas to which country will you go and how much time you will spend there. we can´t buy foreign currency . but local iinflation is +20%. so , go figure.

Now the nazi argentinian government is getting ready to expose your fiscal data if you dare to criticize the government.

I am sad. Argentina is slowly turning in a nazi narcosocialist state.
the NWO has begun.

Please help us and send your positive thoughts to Argentina.

spanish link

El Gobierno legalizaría la revelación de datos fiscales de quienes realicen críticas

El Gobierno estaría preparando un Plan Antievasión III, que permitiría a la Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos (AFIP) levantar el secreto fiscal y utilizarlo en contra del propio contribuyente cuando éste critique públicamente a ese organismo o a cualquier otra área del Poder Ejecutivo Nacional.


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It is well known in Argentina that the local Secretary of Commerce, Guillermo Moreno is attacking consultants telling the people the true rate of inflation : 25-30%. The government in Argentina will tell you is below 10%.Now the total fascist European Union is starting to attack the rating agencies.

Read it:

Europe, Free Speech, and the sinister repression of the Rating Agencies

Before we all join the chorus of abuse against the robber agencies, let us not lose sight of what is happening in the eurozone. The EU authorities are attempting to muzzle free opinion, first by threatening Fitch, Moody’s, and S&P with vague retribution, and then by drafting restrictive laws to prevent them from publishing unwelcome messages.

It is financial repression, pure and simple. The same will be done to the press in due course. Then to you, dear reader.

“We must break the oligopoly of the rating agencies,” says German finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble. By “we”, of course, he means the EU apparatus of coercion.

Total Fascism across the globe is already here.

NSA whistleblowers: Government spying on every single American is here. WE MUST ACT AND STAY POSITIVE.
WE CAN BUILD A new world with our minds


– Strongman Shelford


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