Army Gives Out $500,000 Armored Trucks for Free – The Trucks Are Patrolling U.S. City Streets.

Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. Army is giving away 13,000 armored trucks, worth about $500,000 each. The 20-ton MRAPs, or Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected trucks, were built specifically to save U.S. soldiers from roadside bombs in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Now the trucks are patrolling U.S. city streets. U.S. law enforcement agencies have received the lion’s share of this high-powered military surplus. (Source: Bloomberg


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  • Drdetroitdanchap

    Someone should go to jail for misappropriation of funds. The TAXPAYERS paid for that equipment and it should be put in storage for the NEXT war these morons start. This is a foul plan to make US buy NEW $1/2MILLION when they get in another BIG MUDDY.
    The Military/BANKER/Industrial Complex is America’s ENEMY, looting OUR Treasury for their personal profit.

    • Kevin Fields

      Putting it in storage costs the taxpayers money, too. And in storage they’re still going to rust, and degrade, and be less reliable. The truth is that the military is moving more towards drones and remote-operated events, they don’t need these things anymore, and they’re scaling back their operations to save taxpayers money. Giving them to local law enforcement agencies, even if it’s more power than they need, keeps the taxpayer’s investment active and puts these vehicles to use in the taxpayer’s communities rather than sitting in a shed to rust or to be sent off to scrap.

      • Plain Old Joe from Indiana

        Why comment anything if you don’t know. You all are saying the same shit over and over again. But no solutions. Just s bunch of old hags sitting around bitchin.

        • Kevin Fields

          What are you talking about?

  • James Woroble Jr


    In psychological lab tests, monkeys engage in highly excessive and continuous rampant masturbation behavior when placed under extreme stress. So it is with government bureaucrats and politicians with the implementation of laws, policies and procurement.

    As for these particular vehicles, their (in)effectiveness is demonstrated blatantly in numerous examples in the Mideast over the decades and most recently in the civil disorder in the Ukraine, where dozens have been recorded aflame by simple protesters using simple, unsophisticated, homemade petroleum weapons. And we see how this strategy worked out, with the government of west Ukraine, now defunct and on the run to beneath the skirt of Putin in east Ukraine (are you G-10’s paying close attention?)

    This situation calls more for humor than fear, in observing the psychotic reactionary practice of bureaucratic jerking-off by government officials in response to their pervasive bed wetting and portable intravenous Malox solution, as they are reminded daily of their tenuous position of a continued existence — both physically and professionally.

    Furthermore, there is a dark justice at work here for those who would operate these mechanical dragons against their own people for cash and kudos of their true masters — JEW banksters! Nearly all of these vehicles are contaminated to various degrees with depleted uranium dust from their utilization in various Mideast theaters of war. Radiation exposure is not the issue, but INGESTION! As little as a SINGLE ATOM of this element will continuously radiate the particular organ it lodges in assuring the development of cancer and the horrible mutation of offspring . It’s not breaking my heart that such a fate would befall those who would shoot and run down moms, kids and seniors of some suburban or rural town in America.

    • standordie

      Yep for the most part, but mainly its just a scam to keep defence
      contractors in the business of making overpriced parts for these white

      • Kevin Fields

        Certain lawmakers in CONGRESS want to keep the defense contractors in business. The military doesn’t care and doesn’t need these tools anymore.

  • Arne Saknussemm

    Mine resistant? No such thing. Just need a bigger bomb to blow this POS to pieces.

  • James

    Just more back up for when they start a full police state army control situation

  • Incriminally Sane

    If you think all this money was appropriated through normal channels you are sadly mistaken, all this money was siphoned from the so called “Bailouts” and used to build Obama’s “Civilian Army” with weapons, ammo, MRAP’s, Night Vision, MRE’s, water and body bags. Since most of this was appropriated by and through DHS to all other Government agencies it should be known that they intend on utilizing all these items domestically. Think about it.

    • standordie

      I guess “Obama” better get started then, only 985 shopping days left untill a new president.

    • Greg

      “Obama” probably had nothing to do with it you moron. Bush started this war that cost us billions don’t ever forget that, Obama is just dealing with the hand he’s dealt

  • Conlos Terroristas

    That last one is suppose to be Eureka, not Yreka, unless they have one too.

  • cookie

    I want everyone to think for just a moment. This country is huge, I mean huge. I have traveled this great land. Now lets think, would you ever give in, NO. Would you ever go with whom ever in a van or truck if they were from the Gov, NO. Now, think about Afghanistan, Iraq and what a flat dessert that is. Now having air superiority along with land. We are still there, we did not win. So that being stated. How well do you really think it would be to run and control the US, we have guns, dump trucks, heavy equipment. Planes, not like the air force but enough to cause more problems than they can even think of. Remember, they do this, commerce stops. Think of that, no food, no water, no money. Fighting on every front.
    Also remember these so called big men when no one is taking aim at them. They are all brave, start the firer, they will not peak outside there little rat holes. Believe me. They are trying to bully us into not questioning. Ah, we will you will, I will. I have been in city’s that have sections that the police do not venture in. Why, they are out gunned and out maned. They want to go home at night. There is where the story starts and stops.
    Lets say a police man, I will not call them officers, they are not. Hired guns for the protection of civilians. Now if this is not the case, why do we need them if they are a problem. I have seen and confronted many bullies, they always back down when the s*&^ hits the fan. To costly for them.
    There we are, oh by the way. There are front end loaders that will tip that little ass truck over in two shakes. That arm surplus will not go through cars that are stacked up and in flames. Trust me, If the idiots that think they are the bad asses, well they are not even close. Lets just say, how many of you have taken S&^% for the last sum yrs. Ready to burst, would you want to confront you when you are pissed. Not me, either would they once they figure how pissed you really are.
    Also, remember they live here also, so where is their familys. You think they are going to left alone, they will not be. Come on. Violence is never the answer

    you tube Alabama Dave