Assange Says Trump Has Nothing To Do With Russia, Clintons Have Mega Millions

Assange is brilliant and we thank him for all the information he is giving the US.


Assange says that Trump has virtually no contacts in Russia but that the Clintons have many, mega-millions in transactions, including Russia One. Profiteering and Corruption…

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The video of an interview in August of last year with Julian Assange, gives us some insight into what he might have to say if he were allowed to exchange his freedom for what he can prove happened with regards to Hillary Clinton and Russia. Current events and knowledge are starting to catch up to what Peter Schweizer was writing about and what Assange has been embroiled in, but certainly there’s a lot more that needs to come out.

Assange tells the interviewer, “Hillary Clinton has done quite well, strategically, to try and draw a connection between Trump and Russia, because she has so many connections of her own.”

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