Austerity Our Troops: Pentagon cuts cooked breakfast for some troops in Afghanistan as part of drawdown

By SV 

The US Army has ceased serving cooked breakfasts to some soldiers stationed in Afghanistan as part of its drawdown, a decision that prompted troops to write home asking families and friends for care packages with cereal, breakfast bars and other foods. The Army told the Washington Guardian the recent cutbacks began New Years and affect approximately 2,700 soldiers deployed in more remote areas of Afghanistan.

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The reduction of hot meals and midnight meals is not related to the US budget crisis. They said, instead, its an effort to begin closing down US operations. The affected soldiers will be given MRES – known as “Meals Rejected By Ethiopians”  –  as substitutes for hot meals.  “As a part of the responsible draw down of operational forces serving in Afghanistan, my staff examined ways to reduce our footprint and set the conditions for the reduction of forces,” explained Col. Joe Wawro, an infantry commander for the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat team.



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