Avoid imported shrimp, ground beef and even SALAD at the grocery store: The supermarket favorites that food safety experts WON’T put in their own carts

Ground beef, sprouts and poultry are among the common supermarket purchases that food safety experts avoid, for fear of getting sick themselves.

After a report last month from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that one in six Americans suffer from a food-borne illness each year, a group of top industry consultants have opened up about the way they shop for groceries.

Raw milk and seafood from South East Asia also came high on the list of produce to avoid, according to the New York Daily News, while one even cautioned against leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach.

New York-based food safety consultant Nancy Huehnergarth told the paper: ‘I love sprouts but would never eat them anywhere because they are so easily contaminated.

‘I also never purchase ground beef unless it’s organic and I won’t eat it at a restaurant. Too much E. coli contamination in our nation’s ground beef supply.’

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