Bank run happening in Italy!

BMPS deposits_0.jpg (500×338)…
Monte Dei Paschi Deposit Run And Shortfall Shows Errors Of ECB Rules On Bank Rescues…
eurusd.jpg (1213×657)…
USDCHF.jpg (1215×669)……
trade gap advance vs real.png (563×235)…
Judicial Watch: New Obama Travel Costs Bring Eight-Year Total over $96 Million – Judicial Watch…


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  • kikkoitaly

    bullshit i’m from italy the bank untill now it’s ok no bank run, and this cue is from vaticano museum not MPS BANK!!!

    no bullshit please!!!!

    • PJ London

      Aawwwww! you spoiling it, we are all supposed to run around screaming “It is the end of the world. The sky is falling. Woe oh woe is me.”
      Now we can all relax and go back to sleep.
      Ah well, it was scary while it lasted.
      Thanks, I hate queues so now I know not to visit the museums in Rome.