Barbara Walter claims people shouldn’t talk about pedophilia in Hollywood because it “damages an entire industry”

Proof its the whole damn industry..

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Published on Apr 5, 2014

this was on abc the view, where Corey Feldman talks about Hollywood pedophilia

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9 Responses

  1. NobodysaysBOO says:

    How on earth can a person EXPLAIN class to this trash that has NO IDEA what you are talking about much LESS HIGH CLASS BEHAVIOUR?

    same as talking to a WALL!

  2. AntiCommon Core says:

    So, according to Barbara Walters, Hollywood is MOLESTING children, for the good of the movie industry!!

  3. Awaiting moderation says:

    The tribe always protects it’s own. The sexualization of children in the predominantly Jewish run media is just the tip of the iceberg. Normalizing homosexuality and transgenderism will pale in comparison when incest and pedophilia are the next things we will be told are “normal”. This is exactly what the Jews did in 1930’s Germany if you don’t believe it. The Jewish manager of pre-teen icon Miley Cyrus let her parade onstage in front of thousands of tweeny boppers wearing a strap on dildo with her breasts exposed. It’s not just Hollywood. It’s music and print media too. American culture is not under attack, it’s on life support.

    • Wulver says:

      Well written. Walters knows how deep the filth runs in tribe run entertainment. In the L A Times, Joel Stein wrote at length about the jewish control of Hollywood and the media. I’m starting to see Weinstein being used as the scapegoat for a much bigger issue. It’s not as much pedophilia as it is pedastry infecting many of these ghouls. If we can name muslim criminals we must certainly name jewish ones. I’d like to see a landslide of indictments.

  4. Joyce Johnson says:

    People look down on Catholic Priests that molest children too. Perhaps we should just let the kids continue to be molested to protect adults. ;)

  5. Lou says:

    “We can’t talk about the pedophiles in Hollywood; its an entire industry”

    OK fine can we talk about the Pedophiles in DC?; can we talk about the Pedophiles in NYC; can we talk about the Pedophiles in San Francisco?; can we talk about the Pedophiles in Your Town?

    These are OUR children you are destroying with your SILENCE and YOUR admonitions for our SILENCE.

  6. noman Arizona says:

    In other word BW feels entitled to the sexploitation.

  7. Karl says:

    Barbra Walters is as irrelevant today as she has ever been. A cheap network huckster
    asking prearranged questions and getting canned “spontaneous”
    answers from her interviewees.

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