BATTLE FOR DAMASCUS – Operation Epic – Day 2. Assad’s Counter-attack has begun… NGO: At least 64 die as Damascus rocked by fighting, shelling

WATCH: Summary of FSA operation to liberate regime outposts and checkpoints on the Mutahaleq al-Janoubi in Damascus.

Syria’s army has launched a fierce assault around Damascus, blasting rebel strongholds and sealing the main entrances to the capital, witnesses said, as prospects for peace talks dimmed.

Shattering months of relative calm in the capital, Wednesday’s offensive coincided with two suicide car bombings that killed almost 20 members of the security forces in the ancient city of Palmyra, a watchdog reported.

Syrian fighter pilot defects to rebel cause, attacking Assad loyalists


Closing in on Assad presidential palace (with underground bunker)

Assad forces have shelled the city with heavy artillery targeting mosques.

‘first time since the uprising in Syria began […] that a fighter jet has been used against the government’

NGO: At least 64 die as Damascus rocked by fighting, shelling





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