Battle of the sexes: Are women more socially aggressive?

Are women more socially aggressive?
I believe women are more aggressive in a social situation. It’s a mental aggressiveness not a physical one.
I think it’s because girls are taught to be critical about each other from adolescence. It’s so engrained in our brains from a young age to be the “prettiest” or have the “best body”.

Samantha Brick, a British journalist, wrote a story titled: ‘There are downsides to looking this pretty’: Why women hate me for being beautiful. ‘ It went viral, supplemented by comments questioning her beauty. Some readers even called her “ugly as a troll.” I’m not going to debate her story, but I thought the Financial Times Weekend published the best response to the media maelstrom. The controversy showed how women sabotage the careers of other women by being unsupportive, it said. The columnist highlighted “rope ladders,” where women climb to senior positions, then promptly haul up the ladder right behind them. While some tactically avoid helping other women in their careers, others can resort to passive-agressive behavior to protect their interests.

So why are women so mean to each other? But not to each others faces? They do it behind each others backs. Whereas men usually will say something to your face.
Is this an evolutionary thing? Is a woman who is less catty weaker in our society, similar to a man being physically weak?

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I think maybe this is a self-esteem thing with women. I think it’s a form of social manipulation. Remember in high school? Was the most popular girl catty or sweet as pie? Usually she was a catty mean girl. I honestly believe the most aggressive women are the ones with the lowest self esteem. They just want us all to think they have high self esteem, maybe if everyone believes it maybe they will too.

So many studies have been done on this subject. Psychologists have come to the conclusion that men are more likely to respond to physical aggression and women respond to verbal aggression. Also there is a correlation between women and indirect aggression which is basically the act of spreading rumors, gossiping and revealing secrets without permission.

Why do women do this?
There’s a few reasons why.
1. The cultural acceptance of aggression.
Girls receive more negative feedback during developmental years concerning direct, physical aggression.
Indirect aggression is therefore more socially acceptable.

2.Social structures of play groups.
Girls have small play groups males have larger.(I see this everyday working with 3 year olds)

3. Women are physically weaker then males biologically, therefore we have different successes in physical aggression.

4.Females mature faster, which causes them to use indirect aggression earlier in life.

In a way women are more socially aggressive. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
Which sex is more evolved? Or are both of the sexes less evolved in their own right.
You decide.


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