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It’s video story with partial transcript. The video is about kids in an Italian school and also asks questions of kids about unemployment and money.

Pocket Money Problems In Pompeii (December 13, 2011)
Schools World Service Reporter Ben Thompson went to visit a school in Pompeii to find out how kids there are affected by Italy’s money worries… Lots of children know people who have lost their jobs because of the crisis. One girl called Sara told Ben, “‘my father has lost his job. I can’t buy anymore toys and clothes. I have to give up on those.‘”

Another video like this:

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Italy On A Budget (December 12, 2011)
Ben’s journey begins in Prato. The town is famous for its textile industry, producing high quality wool and fabric. Traditionally, thousands of people have been employed in Prato’s textile factories. But in recent months, some of the factories have fallen silent. Like Greece, Spain and Portugal, Italy is in serious financial trouble.

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