Beating GMO cartels at their own game can create 200,000 good jobs in Florida, at NO cost to taxpayers.

(Speech by Farid A. Khavari at the March against Monsanto, Miami, May 24, 2014)

I have good news.  There is a lot we can do to fight GMO right here in Florida.  In fact, we have a huge opportunity to solve this problem in Florida, and to beat Monsanto and the GMO gangsters at their own game.

Folks, I am an economist.  I see solving our biggest problems as opportunities to create jobs. The GMO food problem in America is an opportunity to create 200,000 good permanent jobs throughout Florida, at no cost to taxpayers.

Here is how this works for GMO.

People all over America are hungry for non-GMO foods, but there aren’t many options at the supermarket.

In Florida we have vast areas of land that haven’t been contaminated by GMO crops.  We have a year -round growing season.

We can even make organic fertilizer from the algae that we can use to clean the runoff water flowing into our Everglades and rivers and estuaries. You can learn about that on our website.

Florida can lead the nation, and feed the nation— with non-GMO, organic foods, livestock and poultry grown by Floridians earning a living wage.  We can process this food in Florida and sell it all over America, and even export to other countries.

People will pay a little more for certified non-GMO foods, and that will allow people to earn good wages for doing this important work.

We can get this ball rolling in Florida without spending taxpayer money. What we need is a governor to provide leadership, not just try to give away our tax dollars. We need a governor who will publicize and promote non-GMO foods from Florida, and organize demand across America for “Florida Non-GMO”.

By the way, did I mention that I’m running for governor?

Now, of course we need GMO labeling in Florida. But the gangsters will fight it every step of the way. If GMO is so good for us, why do they pay so much to hide it?

Monsanto alone spent over $8 million to defeat GMO labeling in California. But now Vermont and Maine stood up against big money and passed GMO labeling laws. We can do the same in Florida.

However long it takes to get GMO labeling, we can have NON-GMO labeling right now. We just need the NON-GMO products to label!  Even the GMO gangsters can’t fight NON-GMO labeling. When more NON-GMO foods are available, demand for GMO products will decline.

As for GMO labeling,  can put pressure on our state legislature, and hope that something will happen in 2015, but we all know that Monsanto and friends can just spread around a few dollars and buy the right lapdogs to block it. So we need to use Direct Democracy. I will support and personally promote any ballot initiative on GMO labeling, so the people can do the job if the legislature won’t.

The GMO situation is part of a larger story—big money special interests taking over our government against the interests of the people.  The corruption that  greased GMO products through the FDA without real testing, that blocks GMO labeling, and protects the monopoly of the GMO gangsters only costs them a few million dollars, while they make billions,  and threaten our health, too.

Now folks, I have always spoken out against corruption of government at all levels by big money special interests such as Monsanto and the GMO gangsters, and the politicians who take their money.  This corruption costs us billions of dollars every year just in Florida.

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What most people don’t realize is that corruption has cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs in Florida, too.

When Florida’s 4 million seniors are forced BY LAW to overpay billions per year to the Pharmaceutical Cartels that is the same kind of corruption, brought to us by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Republicans and Democrats exempted the fracking companies from the Clean Water Act and allowed them to pump millions of gallons of secret toxic chemicals that are already showing up in people’s water.  That’s the same kind of corruption.

Closer to home, look at your property insurance bill, hundreds of dollars too much and going up every year. Look at your light bill!  The power companies and insurance companies spend a few million buying Florida politicians, and we pay billions extra every year. The list goes on.

Our politicians have sold us out time and again to greedy big money special interest scumbags.  We all know it, don’t we?  And we keep re-electing them. Why?

The Republicans and Democrats aren’t even real political parties any more.  They are service companies for big money special interests.  They are two sides of the same coin.

The first step to fix this situation in Florida is to elect an independent governor, who doesn’t work for big money special interests.  As an independent, I will work with both parties to promote legislation that will benefit the people of Florida.  And I will veto any legislation that favors special interests over the interests of the people.  No Republican or Democrat will do that, and we all know it.

If you are ready for an independent governor with the guts to stand up to big money and the political cartels, and the heart to stand up FOR the people, here I am.

I hope you’ll visit our website and learn about other ways to create a million good jobs at no cost to taxpayers, while solving Florida’s problems–the high costs of interest, insurance, health care and much more.  See my positions on important issues like medical marijuana.  Then tell your friends, and I hope you all vote for me, and for Amendment 2.

Let’s all take heart. We can have hope for the future.  Americans are waking up and they’re getting angry at last.

If a bunch of Yankee snow bunnies up north can stand up to the GMO gangsters and win, so can we!

I would be proud to help lead the fight for GMO labeling and against pay-for-play politics in Florida.

And I would be proud to lead Florida to feed America non-GMO and organic foods and put 200,000 of our friends and neighbors to work for decent pay.

Thank you for having me here and thank you for standing up to Monsanto and the GMO gangsters today!


Farid A. Khavari, Ph.D. is a noted economist and independent candidate for Florida governor. He is the author of 10 books, including the 1993 classic Environomics – The Economics of Environmentally Safe Prosperity and Toward a Zero Cost Economy (2009). His Economic Plan for Florida includes job creation, cleaning up our water, improving healthcare quality and availability for everyone while reducing costs by 30% or more, reducing college costs, interest cost on mortgages and student loans, and more, all at no cost to taxpayers.

This plan is explained in detail at


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