Belgium is down, stopped turning over Nationwide Strike,.. no plaines , no trains , no busses, no work in offices, no school, factories…nothing

The Whole Country Belgium… is Down….

PIC Belgium stopped ( like a ghost station)

Brussels Airport : No flights today

Due to a national strike there will be no takeoffs or landings in Belgium until 10pm this evening.

All public transport to and from Brussels Airport, i.e. both bus and train services, is paralysed.

TIME TABLE BOARD Bussels airport ( ALL… flights cancelled)

told ya

The nationwide strike, will ground all flights to and from Belgium, paralyze railroad communications and halt all public transportation across the country, Press TV adds. The unions insist that they have no choice but to proceed with the strike, in the face of new tough austerity measures proposed by the government.

The strike is also likely to close offices, schools, factories and businesses, in other words, … almost everything.

“The Belgian government is using EU austerity targets to penalize families, employed and unemployed, students and the poorest of society rather than targeting the big capital that remains almost untouched by the government’s austerity measures,” European Transport Workers Federation said, according to Press TV.

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Antwerp Train station down…

Dutch ( Netherlands) Police helping Belgium and ready … in case of Riots

In antwerp… also Riot police standby


hope there won’t be Riots this time like 6 november

cause then that was just 100 000 people striking…

now,… its the whole country :-)

hope this won’t happen today ( like in november)


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