Bernanke Will Eventually Go Down As The Most Reviled Fed Chairman In History

Indeed. The chief bubblemeister of Last Ponzi Game Standing reigns supreme. He’s only been wrong that rising stock prices will lift all boats. Most Americans are sinking, steadily losing ground as the 7% pulls ahead. Bernanke knows that the bigger he blows the stock market bubble, the more dangerous it becomes and the worse the middle class will fare.

Bernanke looks like the winner now in Joe Weisenthal’s eyes, but that will be temporary, just as the view that Greenspan was “The Maestro” was temporary.

As an analyst, I identify trends, and do my best to see the signs of major turning points early enough to take the appropriate action. I looks at the data and tie it together into coherent threads that reveal exactly what the trends are, and where cause and effect probably are. In that regard don’t normally make “predictions,” I’m more interested in accurately portraying the facts of what is.

With the years that I have spent at this, I feel pretty confident that I will be proven correct about this “prediction” in due time. Bernanke will eventually go down as the most reviled Fed chairman in history. As a serial bubble blower, he already should be, but he has Joe Weisenthal and the rest of the Fed apologist crowd spinning the facts and misleading the kind of people prone to believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and helicopter money. As the collapse of the Treasury bubble progresses it will reach an inflection point that will take the stock bubble, and the economy with it and Bernanke’s legacy will be sealed once and for all.

Trends like this take time to play out. Traders and pundits are impatient people. Their lack of perspective is sometimes intentional, and sometimes simply naivete and lack of experience. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after 45 years of actively observing and participating in this game, it is the virtue of patience. Trends take time and the time draws near for this one. I am quite comfortable in patiently waiting for the denouement.

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