Bernie Sanders: “Wall Street drives us into a recession & Mr Romney wants to deregulate them more”


Sen. Bernie Sanders is force for Wall Street to reckon with: bankers do not own him. Wednesday Chief executive and chairman of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon sat before the Senate Banking Committee and without taking a breath, Sen. Jim De Mint stated, “We can hardly sit in judgment of your losing two billion.” Dimon’s firm lost billions making risky bets with depositor funds on the line and was given a full pardon by De Mint, and others fawning over the JPMorgan CEO.  America’s short-term memory is paying off for Dimon’s firm who gambles with money at the expense of his depositors and potentially taxpayers again.

“Instead of Congress regulating Wall Street, now Wall Street regulates Congress.” states Bernie Sanders.

On MSNBC, Sanders calls out Wall Street and Jamie Dimon. Watch:

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