Bernie Sanders: We Need To Tear Down The Corrupt Democrat Party

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Bernie Sanders vows to tear down the corrupt Democrat Party

Senator Bernie Sanders has blasted the Democrat Party, calling on its members to reject the organization as it stands today, and transform it into the ‘party of the people’.

Speaking to CNN on Sunday, the former US Democratic presidential candidate urged Democrats to reject the corruption that has plagued the party for years, and has called for a “transformation” to enable the party to reconnect with working class people. reports:

“We need a total transformation,” said the 75-year-old Senator from the state of Vermont.

“We need to open up the party to working people, to young people and make it crystal clear that the Democratic Party is going to take on Wall Street, it’s going to take on the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, it’s going to take on corporate America that is shutting down plants in this country and moving our jobs abroad,” he added.

Fresh off of a divisive leadership election, Democrats are still recovering from a disastrous run under former President Barack Obama, which saw them lose the White House and both houses of Congress to Republicans.

The party was looking forward to unite behind their new leader after a tight race between former US labor secretary Tom Perez and black Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota.

Perez, backed by former Vice President Joseph Biden and other key figures of the Obama administration that backed Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid, narrowly defeated Ellison – the first-ever Muslim elected to the US Congress , who enjoyed the support of Sanders and many of his allies.

The campaign for the next leader demonstrated in many ways the divisive 2016 presidential primary between Sanders and Clinton, where the former was pushed out of the race by pro-Clinton elements within the DNC.

President Donald Trump pointed out the similarities in a tweet, saying that the DNC vote was “rigged” against Ellison, in the same manner that the party was biased against Sanders in the presidential election.

Sanders rejected the president’s analogy in his CNN interview, but also admitted that he was not “impressed” with the way Perez was elected.

Trump’s presidential election campaign had been hit with many controversies since its inception in early 2015. But he still managed to stun the world by defeating the heavily-favored Clinton.

However, numerous polls taken before the presidential election showed that Clinton and Trump were deeply unpopular politicians, while Clinton’s rival in the Democratic primary elections, Bernie Sanders, enjoyed relatively high popularity.


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  • Stop Bush and Clinton

    This man should be in Perez’s place. He’d probably at least try to drain the party’s swamp.
    Hitlery for prison!

  • richardwicks

    Isn’t this the the guy that was going to stand up to the corrupt banking and military establishment, that ended up endorsing that war criminal Clinton who has been taking bribes from the entire banking industry (in the form of “speeches” of course) – the woman that stole the primary from him, that he was too cowardly to stand up to after she did?

    This guy is a blowhard. I like what he says, but he doesn’t have the jingle bells to actually do anything he talks about. All he will ever do is rail against things, but give him the power to change things, and he’ll be a paper tiger.

    And yes, the Democratic party is entirely corrupt. Why doesn’t he just state what everybody knows? Both parties are entirely corrupt. I mean, look at John McCain, or that disgusting piece of garbage George W Bush that lied us into a war in Iraq. Not that the Republicans are worse. Let’s not forget Obama, that bombed 7 nations in 8 years though and that loathsome scumbag Clinton who set up the entire fake “charity” to launder bribes.

    What I am surprised by is that e have had 16 years of Neocon scum holding the reigns of power – and now that somebody is in the executive office that isn’t a Democrat, isn’t a Republican, and isn’t a Neocon, the entire establishment goes nuts, and you get to see who at least 1/2 of who the useful idiots are and who the cockroaches in the federal government is. I knew the government was corrupt, but boy, I had no clue it was like 75% corrupt.

    • Joe Blow

      Good stuff Richard. Nice to see some deeper insight on blogs.

      Bernie got smacked in the face the night he lost or thereabouts, literally, and it didn’t make any press beyond alternative. You can see his bruised face, right side, at the convention.

      • richardwicks

        To stand up to the military industrial complex trying to make an excuse to spend 1 trillion dollars on cold wars, and real wars, you need to be willing to die.

        Bernie certainly doesn’t have that sort of determination. It appears Trump doesn’t but it’s early – time will tell.

        • Joe Blow

          Yeah, his some of his choices bother me but he isn’t in office to meet my expectations only my hopes. He was successful enough as a businessman. Just too much god and military talk for me.

          • richardwicks

            I think it’s unrealistic to think he knows as much as I do, or I know as much as he does.

            At the same time, I think it’s also unrealistic to think he’s not been personally threatened (since I can see he clearly has) or that his family hasn’t been threatened. It’s doubtful I could stand up to the pressure that he has, and I certainly do not have the competence to make decisions he’s forced to make.

            The god talk – I doubt he’s religious. I don’t think any really smart people are, and I believe I underestimated him – I think he’s very smart. He ran as a Republican, and like it or not, the religious nuts are part of that party – he has to appeal to that demographic along with all the propaganda that has been directed at that demographic.

            The military is inexorably linked to the religious demographic, unfortunately. You’d think religious religious people who understand the Just War Doctrine, but what should I expect? They don’t actually read the Bible, because if they did, they’d probably end up an atheist like me.

          • Joe Blow

            >>I think it’s unrealistic to think he knows as much as I do…>>
            Dude is a billionaire not by accident, years ago was offering cash for proof of Negrobama’s birth certificate. Surly he was onto some alternative info.

            >>At the same time, I think it’s also unrealistic to think he’s not been personally threatened (since I can see he clearly has)…>>
            Any links or evidence you can share?

            >>The god talk – I doubt he’s religious.>>
            All I know are facts not opinions about that. He was doing the Sunday Episcopalian thing long before being president. His family has public personas of higher morality. Who knows unless you have some facts?

            He ran as a republican and Sanders as a democrat and neither were. Pretty smart when it comes to breaking into the ridgid two party system hey?

            An atheist does not believe in god, I don’t believe in myths, bit of a difference as are many things in life. In my opinion and from my experience, secret malevolent societies by their very nature are secret and if one assumes they can “be awake” or further advanced from web surfing or reading a few books they are fooling themselves.

          • Zaphod Braden

            I just keep saying “What if HILLARY had won?!” We would already be in a Civil War


            Good point. I didn’t vote for Trump but I am glad that Hillary didn’t win. The people cannot think but they can feel.


            Too many jews and bankers for me

    • Barsoomian

      I agree with you 100%. Nicely put.


      No, this is the guy who had the Democratic Primary stolen from him by Hillary Clinton

      • richardwicks

        No, this is the guy who had the Democratic Primary stolen from him by Hillary Clinton

        Yes, I mentioned that.

        I’m pointing out that Bernie Sanders was too much of a wimp to stand up to Clinton.

        He wouldn’t have had the stones to change anything. Just like Clinton walked all over him, so would everybody else. He’s a joke. He might talk a good game, but the reality is, he’s nothing BUT talk.

        And the icing on the cake is, at the end of the day, when Clinton, that warmongering scumbag murder, stole the primary for him, he got down on his knees and endorsed that piece of garbage. He endorsed her.

        He’s nothing but a blowhard who won’t stand up to his professed principles.

  • robertsgt40

    Hey Bernie, you’re too late. Done deal.

  • Steven Hines

    Fuck you Bernie. They clipped your balls. You’re a pathetic eunuch now.

  • cannotvote

    Well, hitlery wanted the crown, so she threw the ‘best’ candidate under the bus – now he seems to be getting some balls, laying a base for when hitlery is indicted or whatever – only then will the dnc be able to fully re-organise…. but Bernie mysteriously dies before all that – and Trump, is still in power, and the snowflakes will be melted!

  • TellTheTruth-2

    Bernie found a set a balls?

  • gmatch

    Well said, but to late.

  • Vlad TheSkewerer

    Whoa whoa whoa Bernie, part of your “da silvah or da lead” deal meant no talking subversive, wanna get whacked?

  • krinks

    The only thing Dems have for the young is six figure student loan debt that they can try to pay off working at Starbucks.

    The only thing Dems have for the “working class” is a job they’ll give to an H1B or an Illegal instead.

    Bernie turned out to be quite the Cuck. Only a fool ever supported him, myself included.

  • Zaphod Braden

    We need the “Close RACIST LIBERAL BIGOT loopholes” Act…. if you demonstrate & DEMAND people integrate —- YOU have to live in a DIVERSE neighborhood !!!!!! MOVE Sanders into the Chicago Ghetto so he can spend his declining years mixing with those he SAYS he loves. Don’t you DARE demand I integrate while YOU RUN AWAY .

    Sanders was born and raised in the New York City borough of Brooklyn and graduated from the University of CHICAGO in 1964. While a student, he was an active civil rights protest organizer for the CONGRESS OF RACIAL EQUALITY and STUDENT (not really)NONVIOLENT COORDINATING COMMITTEE.
    Bernie ran to Vermont in 1968, to get away from BLACKS to raise HIS family in SAFETY Sanders switched PARTIES, BETRAYED the Veterans, and instigates the Blacks and then RUNS AWAY.

    Make that old bastard walk home with his bag of groceries through stink-hole Chicago they way other old white folk have to.


    Bernie is dreaming in Technicolor.

    The Democratic Party is beyond becoming what he paints word pictures of.

    It is a representative of the power establishment and totally dependent on that establishment.

    But there is this consolation.

    The Republican Party is mired in the just same place.

    One man does not change a thing like the Republican Party.

    Besides, the two parties are not the establishments, just useful tools.

    And with each passing day it becomes clearer that Trump himself is being sucked into the same establishment.

    Amazing parallels with Obama.

    Trump’s press thing is an entertaining show only. It’s real, but it is surface not substance, being itself a reflection of changes underway with technological change in the news industry and aspects of Trump’s own personality.

    Look at where the serious money is going.

    $54 billion more dollars for America’s already immensely-bloated military?

    Nothing about any kind of change in that.

    The proposal could have been made by Hillary.

    You create and sustain a massive military/security apparatus like America’s, and it takes on a life of its own.

    And that’s where the American establishment’s real power is seen and felt, day-in, day-out.

    You cannot run a huge empire and also a decent traditional society. It cannot be done. And whether the society has a superficial right or left tone makes absolutely no difference.

    It’s like talking about Pepsi or Coke being best or being important in human affairs.


      Good comment. I fear that our economy rests on the military industrial complex

    • richardwicks

      The Republican Party is mired in the just same place.

      One man does not change a thing like the Republican Party.

      We don’t need a single man. The country just threw away the Republican party and elected a man into the executive office, who isn’t even a Republican. He’s something else.

      And if he screws up, sells out, betrays 350 million Americans, he’ll be thrown out on his butt too.

      The Republican party was destroyed by that war criminal, the liar, the murder, George W. Bush. It’s already dead. There’s some scumbag holdouts like John McCain, Mitt Romney, and other absolute garbage, but they don’t represent anybody but that corpse of a party.

      What happened to the Republican party because of that killer Bush, is now happening to the Democratic party, because of that traitor, liar, murderer, Obama.

      The corporate propaganda press has lost control, and it’s not getting it back so things are going to change one way, or another.


    In this country it is not the cream that rises to the top, but rather the final product of the digestive process