BIDEN: Obama ‘Doesn’t Want to Go’ to Iraq and Afghanistan

At the Munich Security Conference today, Vice President Joe Biden revealed that President Barack Obama “doesn’t want to go” to Iraq and Afghanistan. The audience laughed.

“It’s great to be back among friends,” said Biden, according to a White House transcript of his remarks. “When I say among friends, I mean not only the distinguished guests that are from around the world who have joined us in this conference.  I also mean to be back here in Germany, to be back here in Europe.  I have traveled over 640,000 miles since I’ve been Vice President, and most of the time the President sends me to places that he doesn’t want to go.  (Laughter.)  So I’ve spent an awful lot of time with McCain and others in Afghanistan and Iraq, and so it’s nice to be here in Germany.  (Laughter.)  It’s nice to be invited back.  (Applause.)”

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