Big Tornado Just Hit Algarve-Portugal, The Worst Tornado Ever in Portugal!!! At Least 10 Injured People. It Is Very Unusual To Have A Tornado Hit That Area.

The National Civil Protection Authority said the bad weather that hit this afternoon the municipalities of Lagoa and Silves, in the Algarve, caused eight wounded. Rain and strong wind gusts in the municipalities of Silves and Lagoa destruction left behind. There are some fallen trees everywhere.

Fallen trees, overturned cars, ripped roofs and a trail of destruction is visible in the scene Algarve towns of Silves and Lagoa. A phenomenon that may have been caused by a tornado. There will be no serious damage and injuries, yet accounted for.

There were 15 minutes of fear. Paula, 48, an employee of the Parish of Silves, only had time to close the windows and doorways. When she and her colleagues went into the streets, they found a scene of devastation: “Within the city, everything is destroyed, all party, cars, awnings, skylights to the town hall.”

The phenomenon, which has already caused the displacement of several means of Civil Protection, Fire and INEM occurred between 13h30 and 13h45, approximately.

Mobile communications are inoperable and severely conditioned transit in the city, due to falling trees and traffic light poles, which were also hit.

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A tornado hit the end of the morning Silves, Carvoeiro, Lagoa and Armacao de Pera. According to the Civil Protection for at least eight wounded counted so far.

Source told firefighters that there TVI24 damaged houses, as well as fallen trees and road signs uprooted.

Source of authority Lusa said the winds caused damage especially in areas south and west of the city that are still to be determined. In National Highway 125, near the entrance to the lagoon from the agency Lusa found there are trees, road signs and billboards advertising overthrown, and damaged roofs.

The District Command of Relief Operations (CDOS) Faro Lusa confirmed the occurrence of strong wind in Silves and Lagoa, but more information referred to later.

Source command Faro GNR said that the weather phenomenon, “type tornado” caused losses of ‘high value’.

According to the same source, “there are several residential roofs torn off, several falling trees and cars swept away by the way”.

Also this morning, in Albufeira, bad weather caused flooding on public roads, flooding homes and shops in town, but the situation is regularized.



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