Bilderberg conspiracy theorist Alex Jones GOES CRAZY on BBC Show…

Alex Jones Storms BBC, Confronts Bilderberg Member

Alex Jones confronted Bilderberg member and UK Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls shortly before a live BBC broadcast on which Jones was a guest, before Balls was ambushed again in the corridor about breaking the ministerial code by taking part in a secret lobbying meeting.

Andrew Neil calls Alex Jones an idiot in Sunday Politics clash

The BBC’s Sunday Politics show is generally a rather sedate affair, heavy on serious interviews and light on controversy. But viewers were treated to a highly charged confrontation between host Andrew Neil and US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, which saw the latter labelled the worst person to be interviewed on the show and an idiot.

The shock jock had been invited on the show alongside journalist David Aaronovitch to discuss the secretive Bilderberg conference, which has been taking place near Watford over the past week.

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But having been asked on several occasions to let his co-guest speak, Jones launched into a tirade about several conspiracy theories detailed on his website.

Alex Jones Sells Gold on Sirius With Bombing Conspiracies

“A lot of it is ‘Oh my god, he is crazy,’ but a lot of stuff he says make sense,” said Umarova, who grew up knowing the Tsarnaev family. “He brings up a lot of valid points.”
She and others obsessed by the violence have coalesced around Jones, 39, expanding the reach of a man who exemplifies the Internet conspiracy industry. Sponsored by Midas Resources Inc., a closely held company that sells gold, his show is broadcast by Sirius XM Radio Inc. (SIRI) on a channel programmed by Clear Channel Communications Inc. (CCMO) and on roughly 80 terrestrial stations.
The ideas espoused by Jones, who says he brings in $7 million a year, have prompted groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama, to accuse him of fomenting hate. His guests of note include both extremes of the political spectrum — from U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky on the right to former U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich on the left.


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