Bill Clinton & Abraham Lincoln Were Elected with Less of the Popular Vote than Trump

by Martin Armstrong

Party Politics

Obama has clearly set up a shadow government and the Democrats are hell-bent upon obstructing everything and they intend to effectively overturn the Republicans. This is no longer politics as usual where we simply accept who is president and move on. The Democrats are fighting for their Marxist agenda and are intent upon subjugating the rest of the country to their demands.

Obama has his army of agitators numbering more than 30,000 people now vowing to overthrow Trump. Obama is really in command from his new house in Washington. Obama has used this network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action (OFA), which has taken money from Soros. Typically, such organizations are set up to support a politician but once they leave office, they shut down. OFA is doing nothing of the kind. They have more than 250 offices across the country and are actively trying to overthrow the government in real terms. It is their way of NO WAY!

The degree of civil unrest being promoted now by mainstream media is really alarming. If Russia was doing this we would be at war. The United States will be defeated from within – not from outside. Hillary only won 51.1% of the popular vote yet you would think the Democrats make this sound that Hillary was robbed of the position and Trump is the lowest in history. Even Obama was elected with 52.93% of the popular vote. In fact, those claiming Trump is not a legitimate President should look at the numbers. Bill Clinton won the 1992 election with 43% of the popular vote the lowest since Wilson in 1912. In fact, the real wild statistic is that Abraham Lincoln was elected with only 32% of the popular vote.

So exactly where does the right for the Democrats come from to try to overturn a government when Hillary got even less than Obama? I suppose Abraham Lincoln was not legitimate either and the Southern Democrats back then also said the same thing – he’s not their present and went to war.

US Presidential Elections



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  • jhnjul

    Never happen. They do not have enough support. Would be crushed very quickly should the need arise.

  • jhnjul

    To their luck it is mostly seen as a temper tantrum and largely ignored.

    • JohnnyR6356

      …but if they go beyond tantrum an ass whuppin’ is well deserved. Grow up and be part of the process and not the problem. Vote again in four years…there ya’ go!

  • Unite2014

    The Democrats and their ilk fail to understand those old sayings “What comes around goes around” and “Whats good for the goose is good for the gander” One day the same tactics will be used against them now that they have sent the precedent.


    With the level of corruption in our voting process I do not believe any estimates given. This will never be changed as an honest election is the last thing those in control want to see.

  • Tom

    The sketch by Martin Armstrong is wrong.
    A horse for Dems?? I thought Dems mascot was a Jackass.