Bitcoin vs USD Chart on Search Volume #Bitcoin #USD with Google Trends

Bitcoin vs USD Internet search volume Chart with Google Trends… #Bitcoin vs #USD. Everyone has an opinion. Some say it is a threat ti the US Dollar. Others say it is a friend. Then there are many in between that say it is both. No matters what you or I think, one company is in a unique position to share data on what we collectively think. Google. #GoogleTrends

Back in 2008, I used Google Trends to see that Barack Obama would win the primaries. That was the case. He came from behind and beat Hillary Clinton then and went on to win the presidential election. Obama vs Hillary in 2008 called by Google:…

So what does Google Trends tell us about Bitcoin compared to the USD. Bitcoin vs USD. Well, it is very interesting. Bitcoin is now getting more people searching about it then the worlds reserve currency, the United States Dollar. #USDollar #BTC #crypto
See Interest over time on Google Trends for BitCoin, USD – Worldwide, Past 5 years –

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This is NOT financial advice in any way! Your crazy to trade.
So what does this tell us? Apart from the obvious, hard to say. That said, it is a great tool to at least see that this incredible 1,000% up year-to-year for Bitcoin (BTC) potentially has legs. WIth the bank giving you 0 interest on the hard-earned money you save, it makes a lot of sense. Yet that is not the discussion I want to dive into now. I have been buying small chunks of Bitcoin this year. Playing it real safe, but I must admit, it is nice to see the investment making money, at least on paper. Or shall I say on screen.

As mentioned in the video, if you want to set-up a Coinbase account to also buy directly BitCoin’s, use this link:…
If you purchase $100 or more of BitCoin or Ethereum, then we both get $10 of free BTC (BitCoin) – always nice, these days!

Bitcoin, USD, the future is yours. There may very well be room for two elephants in the room of reserve currencies, but one thing is for sure. Bitcoin is getting more and more popular, as GoogleTrends shows us here.



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