BLOODBATH IN CAIRO: DOZENS DEAD AS TROOPS CRACK DOWN… Tear gas, choppers, tanks, bulldozers… Video

Death in Egypt: Dozens feared killed in crackdown on Morsi supporters

Graphic video: Tear gas, shots fired in brutal Cairo crackdown on pro-Morsi sit-ins

Dozens dead as Egypt cracks down on sit-ins
At least 40 people reportedly killed as security forces launch operation to remove two anti-military sit-ins in Cairo.

A security operation to clear protesters camped out on the streets of Cairo since President Mohamed Morsi was deposed by the military last month has left at least 40 people died.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry says 200 people have been arrested, including 50 in the Rabaa al-Adawiya sit-in in Nasr City and 150 at the Nahda Square sit-in in Giza.

Tear gas, choppers, tanks, bulldozers

Security forces fired tear gas into the sit-in in, and live images of Rabaa al-Adawiya showed smoke billowing from the square and military helicopters flying overhead.

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Canisters of tear gas rained down on tents set up by the protesters at one end of the Rabaa al-Adawiya camp as police vehicles, one blaring a siren, advanced on the protesters.

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“It is the beginning of the operation to disperse the protesters,” a security official told AFP.

The Al Arabiya correspondent reported that security forces were opening up Nasr Street, a road which leads out of Rabaa al-Adawiya, for those wanting to leave camp.

The correspondent added that some protesters had begun burning tires to block the security forces efforts.

An Associated Press television video journalist at the scene of the larger of the two camps said he could hear the screams of women as a cloud of white smoke hung over the site in the eastern Cairo suburb of Nasr City.

He said an army bulldozer was removing mounds of sand bags and brick walls built by the protesters as a defense line in the Nasr City camp. Army troops, however, were not taking part in the operation.

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