BOA Is Calling Me On The Phone Asking Me To Sign Up For A Checking Account!

I haven’t banked there in years! I had a joint checking account with my mother there in HIGH SCHOOL and I closed it years ago. They still have my information.

So I go down to a branch office to tell them in person I am not interested and to stop emailing and calling. I never liked the bank due to their fees. They charge you to talk to a teller, they charge you to cash checks, they had no overdraft protection when I was with them, etc…

While standing in line I notice a woman with a check board asking people if they have accounts with BOA and if not, would they like to sign up. She hassles me with questions. I say I’m not interested and I am here to tell you that.

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I get to the window and I tell the lady that I am being called and hassled about opening an account with BOA. I tell her to please remove me from all the call sheets. She apologies for any inconvenience they have caused. I point to the woman shaking down people in line and ask the teller about it. The woman says:

“We are trying to sign up as many people as we can”

Why would they need to do this? To generate revenue from any source possible, mostly from people they can milk. Then this morning I read this (from March 9th):




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