Bomb threats close 26 schools across Britain on GCSE exam day as one chilling call warns ‘shrapnel will take children’s heads off’

  • Thousands of schoolchildren evacuated after a series of anonymous calls
  • One warned of a bomb on school grounds that would ‘children’s heads off’
  • Many students were pulled from school grounds in middle of their exams
  • Was your child affected? Get in touch by calling 0203 615 3767 or emailing

Bomb threats forced the closure of 26 schools across the UK today as students prepared to sit their GCSE exams.

Thousands of pupils were evacuated after a series of anonymous phone calls warning of hidden explosives were received by school offices up and down the country this morning.

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Many students were pulled from school grounds in the middle of their exams as emergency services swooped on scene to carry out searches, in what appears to have been an elaborate hoax.

A similar incident occurred in January when a Russian Twitter group was believed to have been responsible for a series of bomb threats which saw 14 schools evacuated in Britain.

The group had invited pupils to get in touch if they wanted to ‘get out of school’ – raising speculation that students may have devised a similar hoax to avoid today’s exams.



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